Chief Engineer’s Office - Cadet Fitzgerald Reporting For Duty

Posted March 27, 2020, 5:23 p.m. by Lieutenant Keval Vras (Chief Engineer) (Daniel Lerner)

Posted by Cadet Miles Fitzgerald (Engineer) in Chief Engineer’s Office - Cadet Fitzgerald Reporting For Duty

Posted by Lieutenant Keval Vras (Chief Engineer) in Chief Engineer’s Office - Cadet Fitzgerald Reporting For Duty

Posted by Cadet Miles Fitzgerald (Engineer) in Chief Engineer’s Office - Cadet Fitzgerald Reporting For Duty
Cadet Fitzgerald stepped out of the turbolift, as he made his way to the department head’s office, making note of his surroundings. He had been admiring the ship since he had stepped foot on it and he wasn’t ready to stop. She truly was a beauty.

The cadet snapped out of his haze to notice he was in fact standing before the Chief Engineer, whom he approached without realizing. He stood at attention as quick as one could and spoke slowly and deliberately, his creole accent layered thick over every word like the air from the swampy state he’d come from. “Lieutenant Sir! Cadet Miles Fitzgerald reporting for duty.”

Fitzgerald stood stiffly as nervous tension racked him, his mothers voice replaying in his head, “the first impression is the most important one.” The cadet intended to make the best impression he could.

Cadet Miles Fitzgerald (Engineering)

The Andorian looked over at the latest arrival, antennae curving slightly. “Excellent, cadet. Just on time.”

The Chief Engineer handed Fitzgerald a large, heavy toolkit. “We’re going to make some repairs to tractor beam emitter. It’s not reaching the maximum range, and we may have to replace a relay. Which relay, the diagnostics didn’t say. Possibly because the computer likes to keep me in a state of suspense. I’m sure you’re up to speed on tractor beam emitter specs, cadet.”

Keval Vras started walking towards the Engineering bay doors, before turning around to see the cadet still standing there with the toolkit. “Oh, right. You were checking in. Well, welcome aboard, cadet. I’m Lieutenant Keval Vras. Now let’s get going.”

The Andorian turned around and started walking, clearly expecting the young cadet would follow him.

-Lt. Keval Vras, CE

The cadet reached out and grabbed the toolbox, caught off guard by the sudden weight, but attempting to remain at attention all the same.
The Andorian wasted no time getting down to business, immediately briefing him on repairs that needed to be made. While most may have found this intimidating, Miles Fitzgerald could not have been more pleased. His social skills were somewhat lacking but his work spoke for him, and he was more than excited to begin working on a real operational starship.
The human cadet gave a brief “Yes Sir.” in response to the other Engineer’s query about his knowledge of the emitter specs.
Lieutenant Vras began walking away, but Fitzgerald remained still wondering if he was dismissed or if he was to follow. Before long, the older Engineer turned and answered his internal dialogue, officially welcoming him aboard the Challenger.
The young cadet followed the officer to complete his first task.

Cadet Miles Fitzgerald (Engineering)

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