Deck Thirteen - Fitzgerald's Check-In

Posted March 27, 2020, 5:31 p.m. by Lieutenant Keval Vras (Chief Engineer) (Daniel Lerner)

Keval entered the tractor beam emitter room on Deck Thirteen, followed by Cadet Fitzgerald carrying the engineering tookit. The Andorian pulled out his tricorder, scanning for the defective power relay.

“So cadet, let’s see how much of the Academy courses you remember,” Keval said, frowning at his tricorder. “The earlier diagnostics said that Discovery’s tractor beam was reaching a maximum range of 350,000 kilometers. What should the maximum range be?”

(OOC: I’ll give you a clue of where that information is in Discord. Oh, and apologies for Keval Vras - he’s, well, an Andorian. ~Daniel)

-Lt. Keval Vras, CE

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