Side Sim: Shuttlebay - an Observation of an Emerald Storm

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=/\= Douglas to Captain Davis. I’ve found a curious storm on the gas giant nearby. Our sensors can’t breach the radiation barrier around it, if I can get permission to take a shuttle within .5 light seconds I can run more scans. If we can modify the deflector to send a negative magnetic pulse I can dissipate the storms for a few seconds to run a scan. The gas giant is port side, 23 AUs from the ship =/\=

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)

Schweitzer waited and listened for the reply. He was certainly impressed with Douglas’ technical acumen. He was even more impressed with his boldness in contacting the Captain directly with the idea. He wished he had more of that and didn’t always seem to trip all over himself with superiors. He sincerely hoped the request would be approved.

Cadet Albert Schweitzer, Medical

OOC: I thought about this more and I don’t think the Challenger would be able to launch a shuttle at warp, so I’m going to use that IC. If you would like to continue that aspect of this thread, you could do so in a post-sim timing.


Emmy’s head tilted to the side as she listened to the cadet’s communication message. It sounded like her CSO was certainly keeping the cadets busy during their journey.

=/\= We do not have time to delay our transit to our destination. Flag the area for further study at a later time. =/\=

Davis, CO

Douglas lowered his head, upset at the notion.

=/\= Acknowledged =/\=

“Guess we’ll look at this another time.”

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)

OOC: My understanding was that this side sim occurred during the transit between where the Challenger received the distress call and the arrival to the destination, so my answer here was based on that (it wouldn’t make sense to drop out of warp when you’re trying to get to a destination as quickly as possible). It sounds like, from my discussion with Ben, that the intention was this occurred before the main sim. While side sims can happen without a specific time reference, I personally find this to be very difficult to work with as a player, since your character may have things happen or share information with another character over the course of the side sim that’s relevant down the road. It sounds like we can run with this being post-main-sim, so I’m going to base my response off that. We’ll say it occurs before any graduation festivities yet to come.


The Challenger’s mission had taken a while, but soon, the ship was on a course back to Earth to return the cadets to the Academy for their graduation ceremony. They weren’t expected back for several days now, leaving time for any necessary side trips along the way. Emmy sat in her ready room and glanced at the note she had filed regarding the science cadets’ research.

=/\= Davis to Douglas. Cadet, we will be passing the gas giant on our course back to Earth. We are able to drop out of warp now if you would like to investigate. =/\=

Davis, CO

=/\= Yes! I’d love to, I’ll report to the shuttle bay immediately. =/\=

Douglas started running frantically to the turbolift to get to the shuttlebay.

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)

Douglas enters the shuttlebay, half running. “Who’s my pilot?” Douglas, now sluggish, walks around trying to find a shuttle prepping for takeoff, since this it’d probably be the shuttle he’d be looking for.

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)


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