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The mining colony, Station P-6, was made up of 12 members. The moon had at least 8 other stations scattered on its surface (creatively named p-1 to p-8). The moon itself, while habitable, sported no advanced native lifeforms.

The local administrator was an Andorian female by the name of Charl Oeuss. Charl had been with the company for many year and had a proven record of being level headed and pragmatic. She was not known to be one prone to panic or trip emergency systems without cause.

Her second in command was also an Andorian. His name was Ressis Th’shiarhen. Known to be a relatively austere man little was available on his personal life but he, too, had multiple commendations for productivity and behavior.

The bookkeeper/quartermaster at the station was a Ferengi named Lobac. Male, and, well, Ferengi. Part of the mining company had been purchased by Ferengi investors and, in addition to ensuring that the profits from the minerals were properly accounted for, was there to ensure that Charl didn’t stray too far from established productivity quotas.

The chief of security at the station was Zesen Borefar, a Bolian. Known to be the most affable of the bunch, she was none the less dependable and had a good record. There were a few blemishes, however, from when she looked the other way and let some of the other miners sneak contraband into the bunks that was discovered during a routine inspection.

The remaining 8 members at the station were miners of various levels of experience and of various ethnic background. The majority were Denebian recruited from the surrounding system.

The mine was, from recent reports, a shaft mine with a main shaft and at least three levels which branched off from the main shaft. It wasn’t the most productive mining station but it wasn’t the worst either. Likely if there was a problem in the mines it was a tunnel collapse. Given the temperature of the moon frostbite, or other elements of exposure, could also play a risk.

GM Wombat

Cadet Schweitzer asked, “Have we received any information about any outbreaks of infectious diseases on the colony?”
Cadet Albert Schweitzer (Medical)

Tija shook her head, “No, all we know is that something happened that prompted them to send a distress call. So until we arrive at the mine and get a better idea of what happened, we have to operate on assumptions.” As she spoke those words, her expression became even more serious. It wouldn’t be a far-fetched guess to assume that she was not at all happy about this.

~Lt. Tija, CMO

Schweitzer nodded and let Lt. Tija finish the briefing. He shared her discomfort about being sent into a situation that he did not fully understand. Schweitzer wondered why there wasn’t a field medic or someone on the surface who could report in with a status report and casualty count. But he knew he couldn’t cry over spilled milk. He would just have to keep his eyes open and look to help in any way he could.

Cadet Albert Schweitzer (Medical)

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