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The Chief Engineer walked in right at that time. “I hope you’re not suggesting that my engineering crew is that lax on maintaining the inertial dampeners, Cadet,” Keval said, interrupting the conversation. “We will certainly not be experiencing six times the gravity of your Earth.”

“Now, since you both have a lot of time on your hands to chat while the runabout is getting checked out, you can both help with loading the extra equipment we’ll need,” Keval continued. He pointed at the science cadet who he had interrupted (Douglas). “You can start loading the communication relays, so we can at least try to continue this conversation over our comms in this EM storm. You can help set them up when we get to the surface.”

Keval then waved over the security cadet (Rainns). “And you can help with the structural integrity field generator. A portable generator doesn’t generate that strong of a field, and it won’t last forever, but we’ll probably need it if we’re rescuing trapped miners.”

-Lt. Keval Vras, CE

Douglas chuckled before commenting. “We need to free fall into the planet with RCS alone. No power, and as I said earlier we need to shut down impulse and use atmospheric thrusters. We’ll get six times of earths gravity if we’re lucky. We can use the generator when we’re down there. I welcome any other ideas that don’t require this.

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)

While Cadet Douglas was talking Lieutenant Tija had entered the shuttlebay. At his words she stopped dead in her tracks and turned even paler than she already was. Even her freckles seemed to become paler. Thankfully, she had all the medical equipment that she might need (medical tricorders, dermal and osteo regenerators, hyposprays and other medications) in a shoulder bag. Otherwise she probably would have dropped them on the floor. As it was, all she could do was focus on her breathing as she tried to calm herself down.

~Lt. Tija, CMO

Douglas after stopping saw Lieutenant Tija, asked, “Are you also another passenger?”

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)

Nijix had spotted Cadet Rainns heading to the shuttle room earlier. She was subtly impressed and glad he had the initiative to act in the best interest of the mission. Her fingers pressed on her com badge as she spoke into it. It would take more than two security officers to assist in the physical labor and securing the site.

=^= Cadets Collins and Christianson, report to the shuttlebay now.=^=

Her figure stepped into the room just in time to hear a cadet question if someone was a passenger. She ignored the question as she moved toward Rainns.

“It’s nice to see you’re quick on your toes. Now, help me load up these type 3 phasers into the shuttle. We’ll need them if we’re going to try to cut through rock. On the count of three, we’ll lift it.” Nijix pointed at the current crate she stood beside. She leaned down to grip the edges and lift when the Cadet said three.

-Lt. Nijix Tavium, CoS

OOC: I’m showing the following members of the away team: Tavium (COS), Vras (CE), Tija (CMO), Rainns (Sec), Taurean (Sci), Douglas (Sci), Collins (Sec), and Christianson (Sec). Did I miss anyone?


The cadet pilot looked mightily relieved as the two senior officers appeared to help corral the cadets. She quickly disappeared to complete her preflight checks as she waited for any other cadets to arrive.

Cadet Flysalot

OOC: Added Silke’s character to the list above.


While everyone else in the shuttle bay seemed to be busy with one thing or another, the CMO was rooted to the spot. She was pale as a sheet and her breathing was shallow. Something seemed to be wrong and considering that she hadn’t answered the Cadet’s question, it would be a safe bet to say that she was only physically present. But the question was: where was the usually so present and focused doctor mentally right now? And maybe more pressingly: Could someone snap her out of it?

~Lt. Tija, CMO

Douglas looked at the now pale Lieutenant concerned. “Are you alright?”

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)

The crew chief tried to catch the eye of Flysalot and arched an eyebrow, lowkey pointing at Douglas. “What’s he goin’ on about now?” he said returning to the preflight checklist. “Better not cut power to my runabout and freefall her to the surface.” He cracked his neck slightly before looking over the the CE, “Ya know ya just point the deflectors down and boost the power and ya should be able to take a nice leisurely cruise.”

He slapped the side of the roundabout, “The cadet that scratches ‘er gets to buff ‘er until I can shave in her reflection.”

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