CMO's Office--Cadet Schweitzer reporting for duty

Posted March 31, 2020, 3:07 p.m. by Cadet Albert Schweitzer (Doctor) (John Weigel)

Posted by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Chief Medical Officer) in CMO’s Office–Cadet Schweitzer reporting for duty

Posted by Cadet Albert Schweitzer (Doctor) in CMO’s Office–Cadet Schweitzer reporting for duty
Cadet Schweitzer replied, “I specialize in alien disease process and specifically on pathogens that can spread from one species to another. I lack experience in working with colleagues as most of my research in medical school and during my residency was independent. I look forward to being a part of your team.” Schweitzer took a deep breath and steadied his gaze at the Lieutenant. He hoped that was a satisfactory answer because it was the truth. He was a solitary person by nature and had little experience working and living with others.

Cadet Albert Schweitzer - Medical

Tija nodded here and there while she listened intently. Leaning slightly forwards, with her crossed arms resting on the desk, she said, “It is always a good start to acknowledge one’s shortcomings. And trust me, serving on any Starfleet vessel means that you will get ample training in working in a team. And even those of us who initially struggle with that, do get better at it over time.” She gave Schweitzer a hint of a knowing smile as if to say, ‘I’ve been there myself.’

~Lt. Tija, CMO

Cadet Schweitzer smiled back and exhaled gratefully. It was nice to have a boss that understood him, at least a little. Schweitzer asked, “What kinds of projects do you see me working on?”

Cadet Albert Schweitzer (Medical)

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