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The CSO’s eyes narrowed as she caught sight of the results of the DNA analysis.

Across the room, the DNA analysis chimed with results, and Riley and T’Mor turned toward the sound, followed by the chemical analysis results chiming from the display in front of him. Matthew turned back toward his station and pulled up the complex report.

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“Normal champagne,” he muttered, looking at results for both sets of glasses. “So this wasn’t the vector for the benzodiazepines.” He bit his lower lip, drumming his index fingers on the table. He blinked, remembering how the prints on the glasses appeared to have been planted. Of course there’s no evidence of the drugs here, he inwardly groaned. He double checked the autopsy report for signs of hypospray or even hypodermic injection indicators.

“Lieutenant McMorran,” he asked, still scanning the document, “can we have security locate the source of each of the individuals’s last meals before this occurred?” He thought for a moment. “And record of any use or activation of the replicator in that room.”

  • Cadet Riley, Science

Aili broke herself away from her previous focus as Riley spoke. Her gaze centred on him, providing her full attention. “That can be requested. May I ask what you hope that information might reveal?” She was confident in her understanding of the cadet’s reasoning but wanted to hear her officer make the case for his approach nonetheless.

Lt. J.G. Aili McMorran - CSO

T’Mor only half acknowledge the conversation as she read the DNA results, and brought up the file for Ensign Kiriakou.

“Pardon the interruption Lieutenant,” T’Mor spoke up, “The computer has identified another potential suspect: Ensign Alexis Kiriakou, Engineering. Shall I inform security?”
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She looked up at McMorran, then at Riley. Attempting to ‘read the room’, for lack of a better term, was difficult for her. Her first instinct was to answer on Riley’s behalf, but at the same time she was unsure if it would be appreciated. After all, McMorran might have had a certain reason for asking him specifically. So instead she addressed Riley with a suggestion,

“You may also want to gather a similar record for them as well.”

Cadet T’Mor, Science Department

McMorran quickly had to pivot her attention away from Riley again when T’Mor spoke. She smiled. “Certainly Cadet, but be discreet. Report your finding directly to Lieutenant Rainns.”

Lt. J.G. Aili McMorran - CSO

Riley’s eyes narrowed at the mention of another suspect. A challenger has entered the arena, he thought. This could be the one who is trying to frame the commander. More evidence is needed. And to get that…

He turned back the lieutenant. “We know the ensign was drugged,” he began, pointing to the autopsy results. “There’s no mention in the report of any intravenous or intramuscular introduction of chemicals.”

He turned and pointed to one of the glasses. “Benzodiazepines are usually taken orally, but there’s no traces in these glasses.” He turned back, leaning on his left hand on the counter. “The next hypothesis would be that it was introduced in her food. There have been instances of replicator tampering to introduce chemical and biological contaminants in the past. If we can track their previous meals, we may be able to determine how the ensign was drugged, and may be closer to determining the killer.”

He weighed his next words, chewing his lip. “The presence of a third set of DNA,” he looked to T’Mor, “the fact there are exactly one set of prints on each of the glasses - not multiple sets from one person lifting, relifting, shifting grips - lends credence to a setup, Lieutenant. Knowing who ordered this champagne from that room, or if anything else was ordered or recycled, will establish more evidence in either direction.”

He paused, running through his speech, and then laughed nervously. “I’m sorry, that was a lot.”

  • Cadet Riley, Science

T’Mor spoke into her communcator:

=/\=Lieutenant Rainns, this is Cadet T’Mor from the Science Department. The DNA evidence has been examined, sir. We have concluded exactly three persons were at the scene: Ensign Pey, Commander Holmman, and one Ensign Alexis Kiriakou. I was advised to inform you of these findings directly.=/\=

Cadet T’Mor, Science Department

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