Main Sim- Deck 5 -Ensign Kiriakou's Quarters

Posted Sept. 3, 2020, 2:04 a.m. by Cadet T’Mor (Scientist) (Ava Henson)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Joseph Rainns (Chief of Security) in Main Sim- Deck 5 -Ensign Kiriakou’s Quarters
Joseph Rainns strode confidently down the hall of deck 5, approaching the ensign’s quarters, Rainns expression changed from one of pride and determination to serious somber. On his trip to the ensign’s quarters, he had set his phaser to maximum stun. He didn’t expect the ensign to resist, but he was not sure what to expect. The Ensign was trying to get to the Shining Sea, the same ship as Pey, a connection on Rainns. The motive may be there, but he wanted to figure out how truthful the ensign was willing to be. He stopped at the door and rang the chime to the ensign’s quarters.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

=/\=Lieutenant Rainns, this is Cadet T’Mor from the Science Department. The DNA evidence has been examined, sir. We have concluded exactly three persons were at the scene: Ensign Pey, Commander Holmman, and one Ensign Alexis Kiriakou. I was advised to inform you of these findings directly.=/\=

Cadet T’Mor, Science Department

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