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Posted by Cadet T’Mor (Scientist) in At the Arboretum…

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T’Mor entered into the arboretum, and was immediately impressed. She had never thought of such a place as a feature of a starship. Small as they were, the trees stood up mightily from the soil,almost a though they had claimed it for hundred of years. The saplings below and branches above both swayed majestically in the realistic breeze. A small path ran through, lined by a couple of benches on each side.

Pen and sketchbook in hand, she sat on the ground behind one of these benches, facing toward a particularly diverse collection of trees. T’Mor began drawing in her small paper notebook, an artistic study of the bark on the trees. The bark of a tree is how it protects itself. One can learn a lot about any life form by how they protect themselves. So from the rough and messy bark of juvenile oaks to the small black dots against the papery white of the Birch, each tree with it’s own unique features to deal with it own difficulties.

There was practically no activity that helped T’Mor concentrate than art. Right now, she was in one moment, focusing on developing her skills. Capturing color and texture just right, in a way that no photograph could to her satisfaction. Perfectly calm, thinking clear rationality.
Cadet T’Mor, Science Dept.

“I’m glad you find it aesthetically pleasing.” A voice said behind her. The chief of Security, Joseph Rainns, was standing close by, looking at T’Mor’s sketches and back at the tree. He had decided to come down to the arboretum just to take a stroll and relive the night of his first date, as he had not been back since. As he had walked around he was surprised at how much the arboretum had changed in the last few months. He remembered when he had first come in, and the arboretum looked neglected and abandoned. Now it was teaming with life. He had no doubt it was due at least in part to the actions of his imzadi.

“She put a lot of effort into this place to make it so.” He continued. “It is good to see somebody enjoying it.”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

She stopped drawing for a moment, peaked over her shoulder and saw the Lieutenant standing behind her. After taking on last look back at her notebook, T’Mor stood up and snapped the it shut. She was so used to being relatively alone in the parks on Earth, she had not expected to be interrupted. Without turning around, afraid he might think he startled her, she simply said,

“Yes it is very well maintained. My complements are to whomever has, as you said, put in the effort to make it so.” she said in a quite clear voice.

In a single motion she turned around and gave a standard Starfleet salute to the officer,

“Cadet T’Mor, Science Department.” she announced.

Cadet T’Mor, Science Dept.

Rainns nodded to the Cadet, “Joseph Rainns, Chief of Security.” He felt a ping of guilt at seeing T’mor close her journal. “You don’t have to stop drawing cadet,” he posited. “I was just thanking you for taking notice of this beauty of this room because somebody very special to me really tried to make it a beautiful place to be. I will not trouble you with a conversation.”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

“It is s absolutely no trouble at all,” T’Mor said.

“I was merely acknowledging your presence as a senior officer. If I may be completely honest, I would welcome a conversation.”

She paused for a moment. Obviously wanting to talk but unsure about what to say. T’Mor opened her notebook again and tilted one of the pages to be in view of Lt. Rainns. It was covered in pencil renderings of the different barks organized into blocks, with notes in Vulcan script in the margins. She pointed towards one block, a illustration of the bark on a young Poplar.

“I noticed these markings indicate a parasitic vine had been removed from this tree. It is obvious that much work had to be done to bring this place to it’s current state.”

T’Mor pointed out the specific markings with her pencil, and gave Lt. Rainns enough time to observe them closely.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Sir, who were they?”

Cadet T’Mor, Science Dept.

Rainns felt a wave of relief pass over him. The last thing he would want was to annoy the Vulcan. He smiled at her observation. “Not they cadet, she. Her name was Sharah Fayth. She was a doctor on board the ship for a time before she graduated.” His eyes had a far away look, as if he was reminiscing. “She loves coming down here and taking care of the plants.”

LT. JG. Joseph Rainns- COS

“I understand that. It is a very productive form of recreation.” T’Mor said.

Though she did understand his sentimentality as well. She looked at the metal band tide to the bookmark of her journal. Solkar had given it to her, according to the Earth tradition of marriage. Though he understood she would probably never where it, in fact it was several sizes to big. He was strange, probably because he was half-human.

“I am certain then she misses this place,” she continued, ” I too am separated from the gardens I cared for on Earth, as well as my husband.”

Cadet T’Mor, Science Dept.

Rainns smiled and nodded. “Well then we are both separated from the ones we love.” He took a step towards the tree T’Mor was sketching. “How do you cope with the separation?” He asked, looking up at it. “I still haven’t got that technique narrowed down yet.”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS


“There is technically a correct answer.” T’Mor responded,

“You simply have to not let yourself become emotional. Accept that either you will see them again, or you will not, and how you feel cannot change that.” she said, >>followed by a quite sigh. Her expression softened a bit and her eyes shifted away from him to some unknown point in the distance. It was some emotion that was >>showing. She didn’t know and didn’t quite care to know, but it was best described as a profound sense of loneliness.

“That is not terribly encouraging then, is it?”

_ Cadet T’Mor, Science Department_

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