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Aili was still for a few moments, her eyes fell shut. The last hour had been unrelenting. A moment of recollection was a regular need for the CSO and she found it between sets of feedback.

She turned to Matthew as quickly as her eyes had reopened. Her lack of vision had shielded her from much of Riley’s agitation. However, she had come to expect it and as such made her approval clear. “I agree completely.” Another moment of contemplation passed. “I’d like you to do so yourself. You should be able to access all the relevant information through the computer. If not, I’m sure my codes will do the trick.”

Lt. J.G. Aili McMorran - CSO

Riley had to stop himself from reflexively beginning the query immediately. “Yes, Lieutenant,” he responded instead, before finally turning back to his station. The process likely looked normal to anyone but Riley, who could feel how much he was fighting not to jump up and down.

=^= Computer, =^= he began, =^= please access location and selections for the last meals by Commander Eric Holmann, Ensign Janga Pey, and Ensign Alexis Kiriakou; as well as activations and selections or items recycled for the replicator in The XOs Hot Tub. =^=

He glanced at the lieutenant before adding =^= And maintenance and programming records for all replicator terminals involved. =^=

He strummed the fingers of his right hand on the lab table as he waited for the data to begin displaying on the terminal, and hoped this would provide the information they were looking for.

  • Cadet Riley, Science

T’Mor quietly stared into the microscope, triple checking that everything seemed in order. It might have been that the Ensign had merely put on a clean uniform and had not met anyone in the hall. Perhaps even avoiding contact with anyone. Still, until the results came back from Cadet Riley’s inquiry, it seems there was nothing more to investigate. Admittedly though, she was still primary a botanist, with some biological knowledge, though mostly concentrated in the field of microbiology.

“I trust you know what you are looking for,” she said, addressing Cadet Riley without looking up. “Let me know if you need assistance.”

Cadet T’Mor, Science Department

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