Night Shift

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Night Shift had been a slow one for Cadet Kyle Anders. After Night Watch’s second in command, Ensign Trey Leighman, had given Kyle patrol duty, he was at first rather annoyed, but then realised he could do with a bit more of a relaxed stroll down the many corridors of the Challenger at his own pace. After pocketing a phaser (just for emergencies of course) Anders began his stroll, starting from Nine Forward and heading aft.

-Cadet Kyle Anders: Security-

Riley’s eyes traced the contours of the ceiling tile over his bed for the 16th time that night and groaned, pulling his pillow over his face. His mind raced with the day’s events, things he could have done better. Dozens of scenarios played out before his eyes. He finally sighed and sat up, tossing aside his sheet. This is useless.

Minutes later he left the quarters, dressed casually in dark pants with a loose blue pullover, PADD in hand. Time to figure this place out, he thought. He walked the deck, looking at doors, checking against the map on the PADD and taking notes.

“Why would they put that, near that,” he muttered some time later, looking at the PADD on another deck. He shook his head and made a note. The PADD fell from his hand as he bumped into someone. He started and took a step back.

“I’m so sorry!” he apologized, then paused as he recognized Cadet Anders. “Oh, hey Kyle.” He picked up the PADD he had dropped.

  • Cadet Riley, Science

(OOC: jumping in as well) IC:

T’Mor had just ungracefully exited the turbo lift onto deck 9. Over one shoulder carrying an unwieldy 50 lb bag of soil, and in the other arm several long and delicate tube-shaped UVB lights. With the most dignity she could muster T’Mor wobbled down the hall. Ideally she could to get this errand over with quickly, hopefully without disturbing anyone.On the way she figuratively, and thank goodness not literally, ran into the other two Cadets.

Cadet T’Mor, Science Department

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