Night Shift

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Cadet Blakely was on his way from his first late shift at the lab, his mind lightyears away, when he ran into a group of cadets. He was quite puzzled to see so many in one place, at one time, but approached them with a friendly smile.

“Looks like I got to meet other cadets early. William Blakely, at your service.”

-Cadet William Blakely - Science

They had just arrived where T’Mor was directing them with her experiment supplies when Blakely approached and introduced himself. Riley tilted his head, arms still full of UV bulbs.

“Blakely, Blakely… yeah, I think I saw your name on the science department duty roster. Welcome aboard!” He smiled broadly. “Could you take these two…? Yeah, those,” he gestured with the bulbs. “We’re dropping them off here for Cadet T’Mor, also in the science department.”

His PADD beeped from under his arm where he still held it. He lifted it and groaned. “Crud. It’s late, and I have early shift.” He turned back to the various cadets. “Kyle, likely see you around of course. Doctor Tamar, Cadet Blakely, Cadet Stadi - it was a pleasure meeting all of you, and I look forward to serving with you.”

  • Cadet Riley, Science

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Kyle nodded to Riley before his combadge chirped: =/\=Security to Anders, Lieutenant Rainns wishes to speak with you right away=/\= He smiled, gave a two fingered salute, said: “Duty calls,” and bolted off back down the corridor.

-Cadet Kyle Anders: Security-

“Certainly,” Blakely took the bulbs, “not a problem. It was a pleasure to meet you all.”

He saluted, smiled, and walked away.

-Cadet William Blakely - Science

“Nice meeting you.” Dael watched as the cadets began dispersing, including the one he had just met. It seemed everyone was out of bed tonight or drew the short straw for night duty. He was glad to put a few faces to names of his fellow cadets. Frequently he picked up a few names here and there by virtue of his telepathic sense always picking up surface thoughts, and had seen a few of the cadets through the halls, and so he was glad he was actually getting a chance to socialize with his fellows. He looked at what appeared to be the science cadet’s destination. He adjusted the weight of the coupling he had in his hands and looked around at the remaining cadets.

“Well, do you need any help installing those bulbs into your area? All I have to do is get this older part back to Engineering, but it won’t take too much out of my time if you need a hand.”

Cadet Stadi, Engineering

Electra had been trying to come up with anything useful to say but had been a bit more then surprised to see the amount of people joining at the late hour. She had mostly nodded and stayed out of the way, “I am afraid I’ve never been very good with plants, but I can be of help if need be. ” She waited a moment before adding, “I will be with night watch, so I am just getting used to the time. ”

-Cadet Electra Tamar, Medical

T’Mor had not expected so many people to appear so suddenly. She was a bit focused on her own thoughts, going over her plan again for the makeshift nursery.

She finally spoke up, “If it is not too much trouble,” she said, directed to Cadet Sadi, “I would appreciate it if someone with more expertise in the field could look at the lighting set up. Just to be sure it will not cause any unforeseen issues in the future. If you have the time you could meet me at my quarters when you are finished.”

T’Mor then turned her attention to Electra, whom she sensed was more of the reserved type, much like herself. Had they been in the same department, she thought they might have worked well together.

“If you are also willing to assist, and extra set of hand would not be a burden. That is of course providing you don’t mind working with soil. I’m setting up a nursery where I can sprout genetic duplicate offshoots of a parent plant for an experiment. I want to be sure to monitor the conditions of their growth, hence I am doing so in my quarters.”

At that she began walking away, presumably back to her quarters, continuing on as she went,

“If you are not too busy, you can come right now. Otherwise, I must be going.”

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Cadet T’Mor, Science Department

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