Check In - Cadet T'Mor to CSO's Office, Reporting for Duty

Posted Oct. 1, 2020, 2:36 a.m. by Ensign T’Mor (Scientist) (Ava Henson)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aili McMorran (Chief Science Officer) in Check In - Cadet T’Mor to CSO’s Office, Reporting for Duty

Posted by Cadet T’Mor (Scientist) in Check In - Cadet T’Mor to CSO’s Office, Reporting for Duty

The more ponderous expression that had cultivated on McMorran’s face was suddenly replaced with a gleeful yet dignified grin. T’Mor’s palpable passion was rewarding to view. “Absolutely! In fact, you may choose to spend some of your duty time there as well. I ask that each cadet in the department carry out a research project during their time here. I would be impressed if you manage to fit that fully into your duty time so I encourage you to choose a study that excited you and that you want to spend your free time on. That is why we’re scientists isn’t it!? It would be nice to see the arboretum put to good use, if you choose to use if for your work.”

Lt. J.G. Aili McMorran - CSO

OOC: Absolutely! Fitting the disparate timelines together is two thumbs up.


“I am looking forward to it.” T’Mor said, again trying to hide her excitement. This was perfect. A research project was just what she needed to focus on right now. A task to keep her mind off of her emotions. And the arboretum, a perfect place to study. Perhaps this could serve as a useful conversation starter for her fellow cadets, find out their interests as well.

“I will strive then to produce satisfactory work for my project.”

-Cadet T’Mor, Science Dept.

“I have no doubt you will impress”, the CSO responded with a keen smile. She tapped unconsciously tapped rythmically on the underside of the table. Bringing meetings to a close was something she hadn’t quite got into the rythm of yet. Ensuring that people neither felt thrown out nor kept for too long was less than easy in her experience.

“Well, is there anything you would like to ask me about the Challenger?”

Lt. J.G. Aili McMorran - CSO

“I will surely let you know if I do,” T’Mor said, “As for now, I am… looking forward to my time on the Challenger. Certainly there is a lot to be learned.”

Cadet T’Mor, Science Department

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