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“Lieutenant McMorran, review sensor data. I want to know why we didn’t see the ship before colliding with it.”

“Yes, right away” Aili replied softly. Her attention was largely elsewhere, drifting across the room in an attempt to discern the nature of the situation. The CSO approached the science station and initiated a basic routine to compile a report on the findings of the ship’s various sensors over the preceding several minutes. Knowing full well just how much playing with sensors stellar cartography could involve, McMorran fished her combadge out of a trouser pocket, pressed it onto her chest and tapped it.

=/\= Cadet Blakely report to the bridge. =/\=

Lt. McMorran - CSO

=/\= Bridge to Lieutenant Walsh. Have there been any reported injuries from the collision? =/\=

Having addressed the pressing needs of the individual departments, Emmy faced the view screen and straightened her already typically formal bearing just a smidge more. “Lieutenant Anders, hail the other ship.” She kept her eyes focused on the view screen, waiting patiently to see what appeared.

Davis, CO

As she waited, Emmy mentally reviewed similar situations that she was aware of. Many had ended in conflict, whether small or large, as a result of an unexpected impact like the one the Challenger had just suffered with an unknown vessel. Her desire to complete her task on her own burned strong, but the last few months had taught her at least something about bringing in others when a more gentle touch could be useful.

=/\= Bridge to Commander Lofton. Report to the Bridge. =/\=

Davis, CO

Vanessa halted en route to sickbay as her combadge beeped. She listened to the message, then turned and sprinted. “Coming through,” she said as approached a cadet, who pressed himself against the wall. No time to dilly-dally.

She entered the turbolift and took a deep, calming breath. “Bridge,” she ordered, then adjusted her bun and clasped her hands in front of her. She strolled off the lift just in time to hear Lieutenant Anders.

“Aye Captain,” Kyle’s hands swept swiftly over his controls, “Channel open.”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

She approached the captain and stood by her side, knowing she would be acknowledged when she was needed.

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS
And fixed the split

=^= Sapeth to the bridge. So far damage seems to have been relegated warp drive and shields. I have teams working to identify the extent of the damage, and Cadet Weir is in route to the bridge to offer support. =^=

Lt Sapeth - CE

Emmy signaled for the communication channel to be muted briefly while she responded to the Chief Engineer:

=/\= Understood, Lieutenant. Do we have warp capabilities? Will our shields hold? =/\=

Both were key pieces of information to the communication she was about to have with the other party. Her eyes held on the view screen as she waited to see if the other ship would answer their hail.

Davis, CO

“I’m not detecting anyone trying to board the ship so far, ma’am,” Anders called across, he was suddenly very nervous.

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

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