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Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 9:57 p.m. by Lieutenant Sapeth (Chief Engineer) (Steve Johnson)

Posted by Cadet Joshua E. Torres (Engineer) in Checking in - Engineering

Posted by Lieutenant Sapeth (Chief Engineer) in Checking in - Engineering

Posted by Cadet Joshua E. Torres (Engineer) in Checking in - Engineering
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Joshua stepped off the elevator to engineering and looked around for a second until he found the chief engineer
“Hello sir I’m cadet Josua E. Torres reporting for duty” Joshua said nervously

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“One moment Cadet,” Sapeth said from the panel he was working in. After a moment he pulled himself out of the panel, and placed the spanner on the tray next to him. “Cadet,” he said stopping a nearby cadet, “please finish adjusting the harmonics on the phase coil. It is approximately .05 hertz out of alignment.”

“Now, cadet, would you join me in my office,” he said turning back towards Joshua and gesturing towards his office.

After they walked in, he took a seat behind his desk. “Welcome to the Challenger Cadet. Did you have a pleasant journey?”

Lt Sapeth - CE

Joshua takes a seat in front of the desk. “Yes sir I did, thank you for asking”

Cadet Torres

Sapeth nodded as he looked at the screen for a second, before turning back towards the Cadet.

“Cadet, please briefly tell me about yourself. Why did you choose to pursue a career in engineering?”

Lt Sapeth - CE
Joshua cleared his through before talking
“Well sir I’m from New York my father was an engineer on the USS Sitak, he died when the Sitak was destroyed in battle. I wanted to follow in his footsteps.”

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“What about his work interested you the most?” Sapeth asked as he looked at Torres. There was something always interesting about the human fascination of following in their ancestors path. But it was always the question of what drove them to do so.

Lt Sapeth - CE

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