Main Sim: Sickbay

Posted Oct. 26, 2020, 5:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Seraphina Walsh (Chief Medical Officer) (Katherine Dedul)

Posted by Captain Emmeline Davis (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim: Sickbay
With a warning chirp, Emmy’s voice came through the CMO’s comm badge:

=/\= Bridge to Lieutenant Walsh. Have there been any reported injuries from the collision? =/\=

Davis, CO (crosspost)

=^=Lieutenant Walsh here, we have a few so far, minor bumps and bruises that are starting to filter in,=^= Sera looked up from setting a minor broken arm, =^=I haven’t had anything serious come in at this stage yet and everyone injured has been able to walk into sickbay on their own. I’ll keep you posted.=^=

~Seraphina Walsh~

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