Medical Check-In for Caelian Weir

Posted Oct. 26, 2020, 7:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Seraphina Walsh (Chief Medical Officer) (Katherine Dedul)

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Caelian’s smile slipped a bit when she turned, but he shrugged and let his hand drop. All business, this one, he thought to himself as he moved to the biobed.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied brightly. “And, hey, you managed not to mangle it like my ethics professor! Off to a great start already.”
—Caelian Weir, Cadet—

A nearby nurse giggled at Weir’s comment and flashed him a flirtatious grin as she handed a tricorder to the CMO. “Is there anything I should note in your record that isn’t there already?” she enquired with a slightly too friendly smile.

NE FixEmUp

Mika smiled. “I’ve always been pretty good with names,” She said to the Cadet. Allowing him to respond to the nurse’s question, Mika took the tricorder from the nurse and stood next to the nearest open biobed.

~ Lt JG Mika, CMO

Caelian smiled softly as he watched the handoff, then gave the ensign a playfully serious expression. “Starfleet’s been pretty thorough with my records, but… now that you mention it, I’ve noticed a slight tingling in my chest. Maybe something environmental?”

A little harmless flirting wouldn’t hurt anyone, he thought. He’d admitted to the chief that he needed to learn to be part of a crew now that he was aboard the Challenger, and making friends would certainly qualify. Maybe this a way to get his foot in the proverbial door.

“I suppose it could also be because I haven’t eaten more than a ration since coming aboard,” he shrugged, smiling. Caelian then nodded to the lieutenant. “I guess we’ll just have to see what the boss here comes up with.”
—Caelian Weir, Cadet—

Mika nodded. “I’m sure it’s just that. The scan will tell us for sure.” She said, reassuringly, as she readied the tricorder. “Welcome aboard, by the way, Cadet.” She said, offering him a friendly smile.

“I’m just going to go ahead and do the scan here…” she said, and with the tricorder she scanned the Cadet from head to toe.

~ Lt JG Mika, CMO

Caelian tried to return the smile as the lieutenant readied her tricorder, but apprehension gnawed at the pit of his stomach. He looked past her as she scanned, studied the outputs on the far screens, or traced the lines of the hull with his eyes. Anything to disconnect himself from the results—or rather, the subtle reactions to those results.

He knew what the tricorder would detect, and it wasn’t anything not already in his file. The most obvious would be the scarring of the parietal and occipital lobes of his brain, as well as the lattice of biomechanical implants that had been used to repair the damage. It was in his head, didn’t necessarily affect him personally from day-to-day life beyond the sensitivity to light. Being an engineer, he’d considered it a blessing since he spent most of his time in darker spaces. Since his return to normalcy, Caelian had met with several doctors interested in his singular case, and with mixed reaction. Would Mika be the intrigued type that wanted to poke and prod and bombard him with a million questions? Or would she be the fixer, seeing him as a damaged thing in need of fixing? He wasn’t sure he wanted to find out either way.

The other oddity that would probably come up would be his slightly above-average muscle and bone density. Given his almost preternatural ability to get into trouble when planetside, Caelian had broken nearly every bone in his body. Some had been broken repeatedly. Thankfully the medical staff of the Venture had meticulously documented every incident and treatment as not to worry Starfleet as to the boy’s safety. He silently hoped that it wouldn’t come up, either. The last thing he wanted was for anyone to believe he’s been mistreated by his parents.

The rest wouldn’t be a surprise to either the lieutenant or himself: he was slightly dehydrated with low blood sugar from lack of eating and fatigued. He could certainly feel the day wearing down on him, but he kept his chin up as Mika completed her once-over.

“Be straight with me, Doc,” he said in a playfully gruff accent. “How long do I got?”
—Caelian Weir, Cadet—


“Sorry to interrupt Doctor, but Nurse French needs you in supplies,” Sera interrupted gently, “I can finish your exam with Cadet Weir, if that’s alright with you cadet? I promise not to lecture you too harshly on your dehydration and blood sugar levels,” she smiled kindly.

~Seraphina Walsh~

“Sure, that sounds good,” Caelian replied with a nod. “Hope I didn’t show up at a bad time.”

He rocked a bit on the biobed to better face the woman—another lieutenant judging by the pips on her lapel—before settling again and leaning forward. He made an apologetic gesture.

“It’s my first day aboard, and I really haven’t had much time to settle in,” he explained. “Once I’m done meeting the staff, I’ll find something to eat, promise.”

“Oh no, just general paperwork like things that we try to do behind the scenes,” Sera smiled, “Alright, it looks like you are clear. I’ll trust you to grab a bite to eat soon. Do you have any further questions for me before I let you go?”

~Seraphina Walsh~

Caelian smiled his appreciation. “No, sir, so long as I’m cleared for duty. If anything comes up, I know where to find you.”

“Perfect, then we are done here, have a great day,” Sera smiled at the cadet, snapping her tricorder shut and depositing it onto a diagnostic tray, she headed in the direction of her office.

After making certain there were no concerns from the staff and offering a polite farewell, the cadet stepped back into the hallway. He hummed thoughtfully to himself as he conferred with the ship’s chronometer. There was still a bit of time yet before his meeting with the counselor. Perhaps he could sneak in a bite to eat before making his way there. He pulled up a simplistic layout of the Challenger… and sighed. While he could easily see how to get to the common mess area from his location, Caelian doubted he could make it there and back in time.

His stomach protested to being subjected to further suffering to the point that a passing ensign gave him a look. Caelian laughed sheepishly before hurrying away from the embarassment. Thankfully he was able to make it to the turbolift without any additional incidents.

“One more word out of you,” he hissed at his stomach as the doors slid shut, “and I’ll have you court marshalled for insubordination!”

~Seraphina Walsh~

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