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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Anders (Chief of Security) in Main Sim - Bridge


Eric looked around the bridge as it began to get more crowded. He foot started tapping the deck slightly. He certainly had a bit of adrenaline kick when the collision first happened, but now that they were waiting for the scan results to come back, or the ship’s hail to be replied to, there wasn’t much to do with that energy…

-Cmdr. Eric Holmman, XO

Emmy seemed to be remarkably oblivious to the mounting tensions on the bridge, her demeanor cautious and alert, but not particularly anxious, as she studied the blank viewscreen, waiting for the reports back from her staff.

Davis, CO

=^= Based upon the information I have at the moment Captain, I can give you minimum warp drive. But I would reserve it for an emergency in case it causes further damage. As for shields, as we hit them with our forward shields, I would recommend turning and using aft shields if necessary. I will advise more once damage control teams have reviewed the effected systems. =^=

Lt Sapeth - CE

=/\= Acknowledged, Lieutenant. =/\=

Emmy was about to follow the CE’s instructions when the communication channel came to life with…

Scanning the other ship showed no signs of biological life, however the hail was responded to with what could only be described as three scratchy pulses followed by a break, followed by three scratchy pulses. Shortly after this the engines of the other ship seemed to spin up but not go anywhere, like a car at a stoplight reving the engine with the driver’s foot on the break.

GM Wombat

Kyle arched an eyebrow in confusion at what his scans were showing, “Blimey,” he said aloud, “Captain, if I didn’t know better, I’d say we were being challenged to a race.”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Emmy’s eyebrows furrowed deeply and she turned to face the COS. “A race?” she questioned, sharply. “Hail them again.”

Davis, CO

Kyle had to supress a smirk, “Channel open.”

-Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

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