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A shudder went through the ship, shortly followed by the XO’s voice over the com. =^= Bridge to Engineering. Any damage to the ship from the collision? =^=

Cmdr. Eric Holmman, XO

=^= We are still evaluating Commander. Please stand by. =^= Sapeth said as he moved over to the main status board.

“Cadet Weir. Please report to the bridge and take over the engineering station. I would like you to work with the the XO and keep him apprised of what is going on with the system checks, and relay any information regarding what happened back to us.

“Cadet Stadi and Torres. Please assist and evaluating the ship. Start with the ships structural integrity, and any systems forward on the ship. I will begin the diagnostic on the secondary systems.”

“Aye sir!” Dael got his footing from the shudder that had gone through the ship. Always something on a starship, even a trip back to Earth he thought as he began inputting diagnostic commands on the ships structural integrity and making sure the forward deflector was holding.

Without waiting Sapeth moved to the status board and started running a diagnostic on the ships secondary systems. He assumed that the Cadets would carry out their orders.

Lt Sapeth - CE

The computer chirped back with the results of the systems. There was no serious damage to the systems, but there was medium damage to warp systems and shields.

GM Wombat

” So far it looks like some damage to our warp systems and shields, sir, waiting on the diagnostic for structural integrity.” He called to the Vulcan engineer as his mind filled with the apprehensive thoughts of the cadets surrounding him, but he focused on the terminal in front of him, blocking out the telepathic waves coming from his crewmates. He keyed a few more inputs. “Running a sweep on the forward deflector and warp systems to identify the source of the damage.”

-Cadet Stadi, Engineering

“Thank you Cadet,” Sapeth said as he checked off the secondary systems.

=^= Sapeth to the bridge. So far damage seems to have been relegated warp drive and shields. I have teams working to identify the extent of the damage, and Cadet Weir is in route to the bridge to offer support. =^=

Lt Sapeth - CE

=/\= Understood, Lieutenant. Do we have warp capabilities? Will our shields hold? =/\

=^= Based upon the information I have at the moment Captain, I can give you minimum warp drive. But I would reserve it for an emergency in case it causes further damage. As for shields, as we hit them with our forward shields, I would recommend turning and using aft shields if necessary. I will advise more once damage control teams have reviewed the effected systems. =^=

Sapeth wasn’t showing it, not that any Vulcan would, but he knew there was a clock on getting answers.

“Damage Control Team 1, assist Cadet Stadi with the shields. Please provide an estimate as soon as you are able for shields being fully operational. Damage Control Team 2, you are with Cadet Torres and myself reviewing the warp core. Dismissed.”

The two damage control teams looked around and then moved to assist the cadets, looking to them for direction as to what to do, tools and system reports at the ready to follow orders.

Dael nodded towards his superior and looked over at the team assigned to him. He felt their nervous energy crash over him in telepathic waves but they were engineers and he was sure that like him, once given a task, their nerves would flow away in focusing on a problem.

“Alright team, you heard the lieutenant, I’m finishing up a sweep on the forward deflector grid, making sure we don’t have any issues with any of those field generators but I want a diagnostic on the main deflector field emitter, make sure we don’t have an issue at the main source, there may have been an overload on impact. Get down to Deck 11 with a toolkit and put your eyes on it if you have to, we’ve had a collision in an unknown situation, you better believe they want shields working on the Bridge.” He looked back at his console and took a deep breath while looking at the results of his diagnostic scan to the forward grid. Whew… Where did that come from?… he thought while scanning the results with his dark irises. He usually just fixed and tinkered with things, he’d never really led a team before. Focus Dael, that’s the key, focus on the problem.

“Make sure we’ve got the graviton polarity sources working correctly too, we don’t need anymore dips in shield power while we fix this current issue.” he called back to the team while the thought occurred to him. Another popped in his head, cutting through the noise of thoughts that was now the bustling Engineering deck, and he was grateful for the distraction. He ran a secondary diagnostic to make sure that the shield frequencies were still modulating like they should in Alert status, compensating of course for the current dip in shield rating after the hit.

Cadet Stadi, Engineering

Turning back towards the status board, he wiped away the overall ship view and focused in on the warp core.

“We need to identify the source of the damaged warp systems. Cadet,” he said looking at Torres. “What do you advise as the first steps?”

Lt Sapeth - CE

“I advise we run a diagnostic on the warp systems sir” Torres said while walking towards a terminal

Torres worried about what all of this could mean and what would happen if they didn’t get this problem fixed

Cadet Torres

The repair team reporting to Torres tapped a few buttons and looked back up, “A few cracked couplers and the injection manifold is off alignment. We could hit warp five but only for a short duration until the fixes are made.”

GM Wombat

“Alright thank you” Torres said

Torres turned toward Lt Sapeth “It looks like we are going to have to replace the cracked couplers and align the injection manifold If we wanna get out of here for good ”

Torres was glad to know that if anything happened they could get out of here but he knew that it wasn’t really over yet

Cadet Torres

=/\= Acknowledged, Lieutenant. =/\=

Davis, CO (crosspost)

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