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Posted Dec. 7, 2020, 6:42 p.m. by Cadet Henry Rodier (Security Officer) (Gavin Burkhardt)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Lofton (Counselor) in CNS’ Office - Boarding Check-in

“The captain plays? What type, if you don’t mind my asking?” Henry asked, a hint of interest in his voice. “And to answer your question, sir, I usually lean more towards solo activities. Back in my youth, I played basketball. Even kept on for fun a bit in the Academy. But I eventually dropped it, knew there wasn’t enough space on a starship for a court.” A pause. “Of course, by its very nature, Starfleet is one big team. I hope to get to know everyone on the Challenger during my training.” The Cadet stopped, taking a big gulp of water to cleanse his palette of the acidity from his Raktajino.

~Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

Vanessa laughed, not quite throwing back her head. “She plays original Persian-style chess. I’ve seen her break out her own board in Nine Forward before. She’s quite good, by my understanding. Our captain is a very focused woman.”

She sipped cocoa as he sipped his water. “We do have holodecks, you know,” she teased. “Room enough for every activity you can think of. What sort of roles do you find yourself taking when you’re assigned to a group or team project, like something you may have done at the Academy?”

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

“Really?” he said, surprised. “Not many still play. My old roommate played the new variant, but I’ve known only one or two who still prefer the original.” It became clear the Cadet was genuinely excited, though he still kept his mannerisms in check.

Setting his water in his lap, Henry looked up at the Counselor. “I’ve heard of the holodecks’ uses. But there’s something… different, when you’re playing on a real, hard court. Makes it more real, I guess. Though I’ve used them for some friendly phaser tag matches before, makes for some nice realism.” He cocked his head slightly, realizing he had seemingly contradicted himself, but decided to move on.

“I tried out every role on those Academy projects. It was part of the curriculum, of course, but I also wanted to figure out where I might end up. I found myself often wanting to take charge, but not really wanting to… be totally responsible for the whole things, I guess is how I’d put it.” He considered for a moment. “I didn’t mind correcting people, though. There were lots of times I’d point out a more efficient use of our group’s time, suggest a different tactic, that kind of thing. And if we made subgroups, I would usually try to take charge. I just didn’t constantly want to be the guy at the very top.”

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

She pursed her lips and nodded. “It’s not an uncommon sentiment,” she replied. “Separating the ‘power’ from the ‘responsibility’. The lesson comes in learning that you can’t truly have one without the other. Being willing to accept that responsibility is one of the things Starfleet watches for in command. Is leadership something you’d like to pursue in the fleet?”

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

“Oh, absolutely, sir. I hope to enter into the command training program as soon as I feel I have enough experience. I don’t know if I’ll ever be up to the center chair, but as you said, perhaps it’s just a lesson I have yet to learn.” Henry paused, contemplating. “I do believe I can eventually make it to the XO position, at least. Though it might involve mating the Captain in under six.”

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

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