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The Cadet arrived at the final stop on his boarding itinerary with almost palpable excitement. Sickbay had never quite been his home; he simply did not have the mindset for it, nor the desire to spend much time there. However, he knew it might one day be the thing standing between him and a morgue, and so he came upon the entrance to the main sickbay, walked in, and said “My name’s Cadet Rodier. I was told to come down here for a check-in. Who might I talk to about that?”

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Having spent a small portion of the day helping complete medical checkups already, T’Saie was unsurprised when another Cadet whirled through the doors for their own check-in. She was stood around the entrance to sickbay anyway when the cadet came in, she put her PADD down on a table nearby, it was nothing important just some trivial paperwork that could wait until later.

“Welcome to Sickbay, Cadet. I’m one of the nursing staff on Challenger,” T’Saie began, raising an eyebrow at Henry under a glimpse of suspicion that he wasn’t comfortable in medical settings. “You’re in the right place,” she turned slightly, raising her hand to signal a move to one of the biobeds, “Right this way please” she requested, easing her facial expression in an attempt to help the cadet feel somewhat more comfortable.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●

OOC: Of course it’s okay. Thank you, Callie! I’m just happy to be getting going, and interacting with another cadet should be fun, especially a Vulcan.

The Cadet moved in the direction indicated by the Doctor, taking a seat on the biobed. “Thank you, and a pleasure to meet you, Doctor.”

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

OOC: Nurse ^-^

There appeared to be some small degree of confusion, T’Saie tilted her head: “Doctor? Hm..” she wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment or not. As the cadet sat on the biobed, T’Saie went to retrieve a medical tricorder from one of the compartments, on return she handed a nod to him in response to his comment. She began prepping the tricorder, “What’s your name?” she questioned, attempting to get conversation flowing; “I’m T’Saie, it’s nice to meet you too.” she stated in conjunction with her previous question and in practice of bedside manners.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●

“My apologies, nurse, I assume. I’m a bit out of focus, had a couple other check-ins prior to this one.” The Cadet began to feel uncomfortable, only to remind himself that mistakes can happen. This woman’s a part of your crew he thought. Act like it.

“Cadet Rodier, nurse. But please, call me Henry.” He quickly searched for something more personal to say. “Might I ask, how long have you been on the Challenger?”

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

T’Saie didn’t shift her eyes from the tricorder as the Cadet spoke, she was focused. “It’s not an issue, it’s an easy mistake to make.” she stated, hoping to make him feel better, “and you’re not the first to make it.”

Quickly moving on she moved her eyes back to him, “Well hello, Henry.” quipped T’Saie as she finished prepping the tricorder, she responded: “I’ve been on for a few days, although it seems like it has been a few weeks.” she said comically. “I assume you’ve boarded recently yourself? Security I presume?” she questioned, making an educated guess.

Quickly she returned her mind to work: “do you have any previous injuries or medical issues worth sharing before we get started?” she asked on the side, just to be sure the information from previous records were correct.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●

The Cadet nodded. “Security, indeed. This is my third day on-board. Still getting used to… well, to everything.” He grinned. The thought that the person examining him had been on the Challenger barely longer than he had was mildly disconcerting, but Henry remembered that Vulcans’ default studies tended to be much more rigorous than what he knew as a child.

“None that I’m aware of. My father had a genetic condition, but I’ve been tested and it wasn’t passed on.”

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

“Ah, you’ll be fine,” she responded, hoping to give the cadet some boost of hope during his time on the ship. “Take your time to get your bearings, there’s no harm in taking it slow the first week.” T’Saie offered, handing encouragement and medical advice against stress. “At least you’re not on Vulcan.” she quipped quietly to herself, indicating her studies back on the planet were somewhat stressful.

T’Saie tapped the tricorder a few times then shifted to a padd, inputting some data. This was only some basic medical information, blood pressure and type, height, weight et cetera. Soon returning back to the cadet to continue conversation, “If I may ask, why security?” she questioned, still tapping away at the padd, genuinely curious about his career choice.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●

“Well, I did try out the other departments, as I’m sure you did, too. I guess we all did, actually.” He laughed lightheartedly. “I thought about science, I could do the math and calculations and all that, but when it came to really figuring out problems, it just didn’t work for me. But I noticed that whenever I was on a holodeck doing a phaser drill, I’d sometimes find my weapon pointed at the other team before I even really saw them.” He paused to glance at the nurse, noting she was looking at him with what seemed to be genuine interest. Then again, he thought. That could also be disdain. Vulcans aren’t exactly your forte, if you’ll recall.

“Security’s a lot more than target practice, obviously. But that in-the-moment anticipation can also help in diplomacy, defusing hostility, you name it. I don’t mean I’m someone who was born to patrol hallways and talk down angry officers, but it seemed like the best option.” As he spoke, Henry unconsciously reached down to pat his phaser in its holster, as if to be certain it was still there. “Might I ask you the same?”

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

T’Saie maintained her interest as Henry spoke, continuing to switch between PaDD and Tricorder. Eventually the conversation circled towards her as expected; “My peers back at the Vulcan Science Academy encouraged me to take a medical pathway, I spent a small number of years studying there before I came to Starfleet.” she answered before nodding to question why the cadet patted his phaser a few moments ago, slightly concerned, “I hope you don’t plan on using that often” she jested. T’Saie wasn’t a counsellor by any means however she did hope to get a response from her comment, particularly as she was part of the team that had to deal with the aftermath of such weapons.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●

The Cadet glanced down, startled. “N… No, not if I have anything to say about it. It’s still new to me, still getting used to the weight of it and everything.” He checked that his weapon’s holster was fastened properly, and retracted his hand. “Don’t worry, if I do my job right, yours should end up being very boring.” He smiled at T’Saie, wondering how it felt for her species to smile.

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

T’Saie was amused however she maintained her emotional discipline and instead raised an eyebrow and returned her eyes to the Tricorder, “I’m glad to hear” she paused, “Just some general health questions to go through now.” she explained, putting down the Tricorder on a table next to her. Sharply returning her eyes back to Henry she began, “Do you have any problem with resting and sleeping?” questioned T’Saie, still aware the cadet wasn’t particularly comfortable in sickbays.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●
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~ Gavin/Cadet Rodier

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