Sickbay - Boarding Medical Check-in

Posted Dec. 15, 2020, 4:56 a.m. by Cadet Henry Rodier (Security Officer) (Gavin Burkhardt)


The Cadet glanced down, startled. “N… No, not if I have anything to say about it. It’s still new to me, still getting used to the weight of it and everything.” He checked that his weapon’s holster was fastened properly, and retracted his hand. “Don’t worry, if I do my job right, yours should end up being very boring.” He smiled at T’Saie, wondering how it felt for her species to smile.

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

T’Saie was amused however she maintained her emotional discipline and instead raised an eyebrow and returned her eyes to the Tricorder, “I’m glad to hear” she paused, “Just some general health questions to go through now.” she explained, putting down the Tricorder on a table next to her. Sharply returning her eyes back to Henry she began, “Do you have any problem with resting and sleeping?” questioned T’Saie, still aware the cadet wasn’t particularly comfortable in sickbays.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●

The Cadet sat up straight, returning to a sort of formality. “Not generally, no. The past few nights I have, but I was told to expect that my first week or so on a starship.”

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

The Cadet’s response was not unexpected, “That’s is normal, you’re not the only one to experience this.” she assured, indicating that other cadets also have issues sleeping during their first week or so. T’Saie then began tapping away at a PaDD, “Final question, how are you finding your first few days on Challenger? Any headaches or abnormalities?” she questioned, hoping Henry was adapting to life on the ship well.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●

“Not that I can recall, so unless I’m experiencing memory loss, I think I’m okay.” Henry smiled at the nurse. “I admit, I had some nausea, but it was just from anxiety. Vastness of space and all that. I must say, it must be odd for you to be asking me questions which also pertain to yourself. How are you finding your first few days on the Challenger?” A twinkle could be seen in the Cadet’s eye.

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

T’Saie was caught somewhat off guard by Henry’s response, tapping away some more details into the PaDD she responded, “I must say it is.. a different experience” she paused as if to think, “however not an unexpected one.” she said, her stoicism clearly showing as she avoided a potentially personal question.

She put the PaDD down on a nearby table, “Your boarding medical is complete. Do you have any questions you’d like to ask?” she asked, ready to let him go.

● T’Saie - Nurse Cadet ●

Henry gave the nurse a quizzical look. Perhaps she’s just trying to keep personal matters out of work. Makes sense for a Vulcan he thought. Still… he made a mental note to keep an eye on her, if only for her own well-being.

“Yes, sorry, what was your name again?” he queried, donning the polite affect he had begun the day with.

~ Cadet Henry Rodier - Security

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