Main Sickbay-Reporting for Duty (Cadet Vael)

Posted Dec. 22, 2020, 8:51 p.m. by Cadet Nisia Vael (Doctor) (Gal G)

Nisia gave herself another once over in the mirror, she still had a few minutes to kill. In her excitement for her first shift she’d gotten ready far too early, now she was pacing a rut in the floor of her quarters while she fussed at her hair and uniform.

“Get it together Doctor Vael,” she scolded herself, but she still felt a little thrill go through her at the word ‘doctor’, and she couldn’t suppress her smile. She was a doctor now.

She glanced over at the display on her PADD, and took a breath. It was time.

Nisia felt her pulse hammering in her ears as she made her way over to the sickbay, she clasped her cold hands together trying to bring the blood back to them. Despite wanting to grin like a fool and rush in, Nisia kept her expression professionally neutral and her pace steady. It was important to make a good first impression, and her coworkers and the department head thinking she was some reckless child was the exact opposite of what she was trying to achieve.

Finally the sign told her she’d arrived, and the doors hushed as they opened. The familiar, sterile smell of the sickbay welcomed her and Nisia allowed herself a small smile, time to get to it then.

But first she had to report in, she glanced around trying to see if she could spot Lieutenant Walsh.

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