Main Engineering - Cadet Las Check-In

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Catching up to the Challenger was a lengthy process that afforded her an unexpected window of time. Using her waiting period to read about wild teleporter accidents was certainly upon reflection, time ill spent. Kiasees sat patiently on the Runabout’s teleporter pad until a quick nod was given and an energizing sound was subsequently triggered.
The teleporter pad was far warmer on the receiving end. Sitting with eyes closed on the teleporter pad, Cadet Las did a mental check to determine if she was sent over in her completeness. Fully satisfied, she shot to her feet.

“Is it customary to tip the transporter tech?” she asked, looking over to the transport console.

“I mean, I’m not going to say no Cadet,” the transporter chief said with a grin. “I always accept baked goods as a tip. And not the replicated type mind you”

Chuckling the chief set the transporter to idle. “Welcome to the Challenger Cadet. I would suggest stowing your gear and heading down to Main Engineering to check in with Lt. Sapeth.”

NE Porter - Transporter Chief

“Trust, I’m in no rush to meet up with Sapeth. Haven’t seen a mirror in at least 48. I’m positive my hair and uniform are all kinds of messed up. No, baking is in my near future. I’ll be seeing you.”
Cadet Las casually left the room taking time to observe such a large ship. The raw amount of light reminded her of the caves back home. After walking aimlessly for some time she realized she never obtained instructions to crew quarters or the Kitchen for that matter. Stepping in the first door she came across to find someone, anyone, she found herself in Main Engineering.

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“Make a hole!” an Ensign yelled as he came running through.

A nearby Chief saw Kiasees standing inside the door, who walked over and smiled at her. “New here?”

Chief Petty Officer Spanner - Eng

“New enough to find this absolutely magical! The heart of the challenger.” Kiasees took a moment to appreciate the mechanical marvels operating around the room. “You wouldn’t by chance know Sapeth? Could you hand him something for me?”

Kiasees knelt down and began rummaging through her belongings. “Just a gift. My mom insisted.”

-Cadet Las

“Sure thing. But you might also want to check in with the Chief while you are here,” Spanner said as he waited for Kiasees. “He might be a Vulcan, but I promise you he’s not that bad.”

Chief Petty Officer Spanner - Eng

-Cadet Pike

As Ensign Pike materialized from the transporter, he gazes at the ship and at the transporter chief in awe. Ensign Pike grew up in the Appalachia Mountains gazing to the stars just wondering what it was like .. until he had a chance to go to the Star Fleet Academy. Now he just craves going out into the blackness of space to see what new adventures will meet him.
Saluting the chief, “Reporting for duty. Where do you want me?”

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