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The worst part of the triad of misery was about to take place as Amy walked down the corridor. In a matter of moments, she would enter an office with a new individual - someone who only knows her by the PADD in their hands. There would be a conversation of sorts, covering over previous record files and typical chatter of how she was getting along on the ship and so forth. In that span of time, an assessment would be made of her with severely limited data that would be entered into her records as an official entry.

It was one of those entries that already affected her career once. Amy was determined in her mind to make sure it never happened again.

She stopped for a brief moment before arriving at the office marked for the Chief Counselor. She glanced into the reflection of the wall panel near the door and brushed her back behind her ear - giving herself a ‘once over’ before proceeding. She tried to hide the resentment of having to complete such an exercise such as this with a soft smile, but the look in her eyes would still tell the story.

Calmly, she adjusted the top portion of her uniform, making sure she was all presentable. With a simple turn, she reached over, and pressed the chime for the door to the Chief Counselor’s Office.

-Cadet Amy Anderson / Science Division - USS Challenger-

“Come in!” sounded through the door panel, and they slid aside to reveal a large seating area, mostly occupied by an L-shaped sectional sofa, upholstered in blue. Blue was the overall theme of the room, in fact; the carpet was a lighter shade than the sofa, while the wall directly behind it was a dark blue. The eye was immediately drawn to a painting on that wall, of a human couple - a man in a tuxedo and a woman in a red evening gown - dancing barefoot on a beach, while a lady’s maid and a butler stood holding umbrellas nearby. On a side table at one end of the sofa sat a red vase, the same shade as the dress in the painting, with white daisies.

On one end of the sofa sat a dark-haired human woman reading a PADD and sipping from a cup, which she quickly set on a saucer beside the red vase. She uncrossed her legs and stood, adjusting her bun as she crossed the room, smiling brightly. “You must be Amy Anderson,” she beamed. “I’m Lieutenant Commander Lofton, the ship’s counselor, but in here, please call me Vanessa.” She gestured to the couch. “Have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?” She looked at her own cup. “I’m a bit of a hot chocolate fiend.”

Lt. Cmdr Lofton - CNS

OOC: Hi Patrick! Sorry for the delay in responding, I was on a brief Leave of Absence. In this thread we’re primarily going to focus on character development, fleshing out Amy, digging into her backstory, discussing motivations, giving you stuff to add to the character bio - which I love to see you’ve already got a good head start on. I look forward to writing with you!


Amy entered into the office - immediately noticing the color spectrum of the room. The scheme of blue undoubtedly was selected for the calmness effect on the mind. As the Counselor introduced herself, Amy offered a light smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am.” She stated as she walked toward the offered seat on the couch. As Vanessa offered a drink, Amy glanced up at the counselor - trying to see if she was already being tested. “Water, please.” Amy responded as she tried to make herself look as relaxed as possible, though the signs showed she was struggling with this.

She glanced over toward the vase with the daisies. It was a clear difference from the other selections of the room except for the painting on the wall. “Leucanthemum vulgare....” She softly spoke. “I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity but cheerful color of daisies.”

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