Counsellor's Office: Cadet Seb Petrov's check-in

Posted March 20, 2021, 2:49 p.m. by Cadet Seb Petrov (Security Officer) (R Palmer)

It had been several days since Seb Petrov arrived on the USS Challenger, he had made short work of his onboarding itinerary yet one task remained; a check-in with the ship Counsellor. He had passed the office several times on his rounds, speeding up his walk in case he come face-to-face with the person whom he had been pushing back meetings. Despite Seb’s grades being on the lower end of a successful Star Fleet applicant, it was his original interview with an Academy psychologist that proved the most unpleasant part of his road to acceptance.

No wonder, when the greatest trauma of your life is documented in every detail by Star Fleet. Seb thought to himself as he approached the Counsellor’s office again. Even after seven years, speaking of his and Robert’s accident was still difficult, particularly with those keen on ascertaining the mental damage of such an event. Unable to put off the meeting any longer, he had booked in a session before a duty shift, to ensure an easy cut-off should the conversation go on too long; he only had to delay.

Thumbing the door bell, Seb stood before the door awaiting entry. Dressed in a well-ironed uniform, polished shoes and clean shaven, he looked every bit the model Cadet, barring the scar through his right eyebrow. As the doors slid open, he stepped forward without hesitation, standing at attention before the Counsellor.

“Cadet Seb Petrov, reporting for my evaluation.”

Cadet Sebastien ‘Seb’ Petrov, Security.

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