Counsellor's Office: Cadet Ven Miya reporting for check-in

Posted March 21, 2021, 12:08 a.m. by Cadet Ven Miya (Doctor) (Claire M)

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IC: Vanessa laughed with Miya. “I suppose they would just be mum and dad. I’m glad you found life balance when you joined the clergy as well - that’s important. And don’t be embarrassed about you enthusiasm! We all need something to give us purpose in life, and it sounds like you’ve found yours, which is wonderful.”

She took another sip of chocolate, pondering her next question. “You’ve been out of the clergy for a few years now, though. How has that transition been?”

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

“Well ....” Miya’s smile faded; she glanced down at the glass of water in her hands, then looked back up again. “It wasn’t easy at first, I’ll admit. When I became a prylar, I expected I’d stay on Bajor and follow in the footsteps of my parents, dedicating my life to the Prophets and to my people. When I was told about the vision ....” she shook her head, remembering with searing clarity the moment that had turned her life on its head, “I was - how can I explain? On the one hand, all my expectations changed but - oh, Vanessa! The Prophets had chosen me! Me, Ven Miya, to be a - a link, a bridge, between my people and the Federation! ”

Her smile was dazzling, transcendent; for a moment, sheer joy radiated from her then, like clouds covering a sun, it dimmed. “That’s what helped me through those first few months at Starfleet Academy - knowing the Prophets chose me to do this. Because it was hard, of course it was hard, to say goodbye to my parents - I’m their only child. But at least I was doing the Prophets’ bidding, which helped us all with the … transition, you said. Yes, that’s a good word for it. With the transition.” She glanced back to Vanessa, a small smile reappearing.

“Because once I settled into the Academy, I knew I was in the right place. And now, I’m here!” Miya looked around the blue room, taking in its calming ambience. When she returned her gaze to Vanessa, her smile was broad and genuine. “Truly, the Prophets know best.”

[Cadet Ven Miya]

The cadet’s enthusiasm was infectious, and Vanessa felt her own smile growing as Miya spoke. “Change is never easy,” she said softly. “But it sounds like you have come through the process very well - better than most I’d say, and that sense of purpose we spoke about is likely the reason.”

She rolled the mug between her hands, enjoying the warmth. “So, how did you settle into the Academy socially? Did you make many friends, do any extracurriculars?”

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

Listening to Vanessa’s words, Miya nodded. It certainly had not been an easy transition, but the knowledge that she was doing the Prophets’ bidding had helped her through the initial stages. Now that her time at Starfleet Academy was nearing its end, she could look forward to broadening her role in the future and helping to bring Bajor into an even closer union with the Federation, as the Prophets desired.

She took another sip of water as Vanessa asked her latest questions. The mention of friends brought a slight smile to her lips. “I had a small group of close friends, all medical cadets. They were sent to other postings for their final placement, however, so we’re all split up but we’ve said we’ll keep in touch. Beyond my closest friends, though, I got to know a lot of people at the Academy through playing sports - I played springball at home and found out about ‘handball’ when I was at the Academy. It’s a different game, really, but there were enough similarities to springball that I was able to pick it up quickly.” Her smile turned into a wicked grin.

“I particularly liked it when people on the opposing team thought I was too small and slight to play well. They’d never seen Bajoran springball - it’s a full-contact sport, you know - so they got a bit of a shock when I played like I’d play back home! I also taught it to some people who wanted to learn and we’d play now and again, in between other sports - that was my main extracurricular activity, really. Well, there’s music too, I suppose; I play the Bajoran lute - not very well,” she added quickly, “but I learned it as part of my role as a prylar. I’m better at playing the tivara, actually, but I thought it was too big to bring on board so,” she indicated her bag, “I brought the lute instead as it’s much smaller.”

[Cadet Ven Miya]

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