Sickbay - Cadet Seb Petrov's medical check-up

Posted March 21, 2021, noon by Cadet Seb Petrov (Security Officer) (R Palmer)


IC: Aaron smiled at the confidence of Petrov. He really has a different way to handle his stress than me when I first arrive on the ship, he thought. I wonder if he’s only stressing?

The doctor presented himself: “Cadet Aaron Williams. I’ll be the one in charge of your examination.” He then pressed some command on his PaDD and the cadet’s record appeared on the screen. “I’ll let you go on the biobed 2. I’ll be there in a second”, Aaron said, pointing to the bed in question.

Cadet Aaron Williams

OOC: Thanks for the advice! I’m still getting used to the format, I used it for clarity in a description but I agree it makes sense to base it on Seb’s knowledge. Also, do you want me to give any details on his medical history or are you happy going off my bio?

IC: “Alright then, good to meet you, Aaron.” Following his fellow Cadet’s direction, Seb walked over to the bed and sat down.

As he waited he crossed his right leg over his left, eliciting a sharp exhale of air as his muscles experienced a mild cramp. Never skip your stretches before a medical examination again… Having made that mental note, Seb uncrossed his legs and gave his right thigh a rub to shake off the cramp.

Cadet Sebastien ‘Seb’ Petrov, Security.
(OOC: Your medical report is all good. My character may ask you some questions about your traumas, but not to worry. Hope you like the post format !)

IC: Aaron reports the arrival of the cadet for his exam on the Sickbay’s log. He then headed to the Cadet. I think his name has Sam…, he thought. He checked a second time Petrov’s records. No, it’s Seb. Born outside of Sol’s system… Archer IV? That’s quite a trip! About his medical record… Damn, that’s some traumas he got here!

After that, the doctor approach Seb, who was waiting on the bed: “Alright! Just lay down on the bed, I’ll begin your exam. No need to unzip.” He then uplod the medical data of the patient on the biobed terminal.

“Tell me when you’re ready.”, he then said.

Seb ceased massaging his legs as Aaron returned to the bed, feigning that he was brushing some lint from his trousers.

“Excellent, we’ve only just met after all.” He replied with a grin to the Doctor. He’s probably heard that one a thousand times. Swinging his legs up onto the table, Seb adjusted himself into a comfortable position with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Ready when you are, Doctor.”

Cadet Sebastien ‘Seb’ Petrov, Security.

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