Counsellor's Office: Cadet Seb Petrov's check-in

Posted March 23, 2021, 5:13 p.m. by Cadet Seb Petrov (Security Officer) (R Palmer)


Vanessa laughed and sat back, looking at the ceiling. “No… no I cannot. Wait. NE Sverdson I think does.” She looked back at Seb. “He’s an engineering officer, works alpha shift, so you might be able to schedule something with him.”

She took another sip of her cocoa. “So - wrestling, I presume? - and fencing. Solo events, even if they earned you some friends,” she added with a smile. “How do you work in a team, or a group? Is there a specific role you find yourself taking in those situations?”

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

“Sverdson. I’ll keep an eye out for him, I find a simulated opponent doesn’t offer the same challenge, I tend to pick up bad habits.” Seb took a mental note of the name, pondering how his shifts line up with Alpha for a moment. He took another sip of his sparkling water while it was still well-carbonated.

“That’s right, I… Suppose yes, I am drawn to the solo disciplines. That’s not to say I eschew working with others; I’d have had much greater difficulty at the Academy if I hadn’t taken advantan- …Made such good use of group study.” He paused to better phrase his response.

“I think it depends on the situation. If I believe I have knowledge or experience to offer, I… Try to offer solutions, or take personal charge of that aspect of a project or plan. In that case, if something goes wrong… I have no one to blame but myself.” Seb took another sip of his drink while he considered the answer he had just given.

Cadet Sebastien ‘Seb’ Petrov, Security.

Vanessa nodded as he spoke, crossing one knee over the other. “Just make sure that doesn’t cross over into not trusting your fellow crew to be able to get the job done,” she replied, then took another sip of her cocoa. She’d seen that often, and trust was essential out here in the void.

She decided to be blunt. “Do you think that could come up?” She tilted her head to watch him, inquisitive.

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

“No, Ma’am. I think… It would be a greater concern were I not aware of that tendency.” Seb responded quickly, having drawn a similar conclusion from his previous answer as Vanessa. His facial expression was serious, with brow furrowed as he further considered the point.

“The most brilliant people I’ve known are, or were Star Fleet officers. I also know that a starship like this wouldn’t function without that trust you described, it’s just… Perhaps something I need to remind myself of from time to time.” Seb’s brow unfurrowed as he spoke and a slight smile spread across his lips.

Cadet Sebastien ‘Seb’ Petrov, Security.

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