Sickbay - Cadet Sara Sjögren Medical Evaluation

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Posted by Cadet Sara Sjögren (Scientist) in Sickbay - Cadet Sara Sjögren Medical Evaluation
Sara had been looking forward to this for several weeks. Her duffel bag had allegedly already been sent of to quarters, wherever that might be, a quick snack taken on the shuttle, her PADD filled with a map of the ship to get her oriented with the layout, and as soon as she passed a proverbial gauntlet of tests, questions and interviews with all the higher ups? She would be golden! Regardless of her excitement and cheer, nerves still ate away at her as she plucked the end of her long braid and flopped it over the back of her shoulder as she meandered down the hall, looking at each doorway marker to find Sickbay. It was, of course, the last door she looked at on the right hand side, a large sign pointed her towards the double doors that would lead her inside a room filled with blinking medical equipment and several biobeds with nameless tools sitting nearby. It was all rather sterile smelling and colder than the rest of the ship. She tucked her white lab coat, a few sizes too big for her, up against her small body to conserve as much heat as she could as she walked deeper inside the corridor, looking around for one of the medical officers.

“Hello?” She called out, having not immediately seen anyone inside. Maybe everyone was busy? She hated to intrude but she was only following orders after all..

Cadet Sara Sjögren

(OOC: Hi there! I’m Claire and I’m looking forward to writing with you. I also play a cadet aboard the Challenger, Ven Miya, who’ll be carrying out your routine physical check-up for joining the ship. I noticed in Discord that you said you’d RP’d a lot, so I don’t think I’ll need to explain ‘out of character’ and ‘in character’ abbreviations to you! ;-) But if you have any questions at all about the group and how it works, please ask on Discord and someone with more STF experience will be able to answer any questions you may have. Congratulations on your new baby, by the way!)

“Oh - hello!” A tousled head popped up from beneath one of the biobeds; Miya had been doing some fine calibration work and hadn’t heard the sickbay doors open and close. She scrambled to her feet and approached the newcomer, smiling warmly.

“I’m Ven Miya, one of the medical cadets. What can I do for you - are you injured? Feeling unwell?” She regarded the new cadet with bright interest but she was already carrying out a basic visual assessment in preparation for whatever might come next.

[Cadet Ven Miya]

As the new person, now described as cadet Miya, popped up into view, Sara tensed and relaxed within moments of each other, brandishing a polite smile for the doctor as she walked across med bay to greet her. Sara gave a slight nod of her head in recognition and laced her fingers in front of herself politely, though standing rigidly straight. “Good morning! I am very well actually, I am only here for my medical evaluation? I have only just boarded.” She explained with a soft tone, her accent tinting the edges of her words as she spoke. “I was directed here as my first point of contact so… Ah- To be honest I am not sure where to go from here except to put myself in your very capable hands?”
She punctuated the last of her sentence with her smile only broadening, if anything, it was more out of nerves than any flavor of politeness- though that stood to reason as well.

[Cadet Sara Sjögren]

Miya smiled back. “Ah, you’re here for your medical check-in! I can definitely help you - why don’t you come and have a seat on this biobed,” she patted the one next to the bed she’d been working on, “and I’ll get the formalities sorted out first. So what’s your name?” She tapped her PADD, accessing the standard template for on-board medicals, and prepared to add the cadet’s details.

“If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from? I don’t think I’ve heard an accent like yours before,” she added, knowing that some gentle conversation could go a long way towards helping people relax. It was a skill she’d picked up on Bajor after becoming a junior member of the clergy and she’d found it transferred easily to her new role in Starfleet.

[Cadet Ven Miya]

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