Counselor's office - Cadet Aaron Williams check-in

Posted April 6, 2021, 8:40 a.m. by Cadet Aaron Williams (Doctor) (Adrien Jouve)

Aaron was walking through the Challenger corridors. Even if he passed the physical exam and the meeting with his new chief, there was still the last thing to do: meeting the counselor of the ship. Strangely, it was the stage he feared the most. It’ll be fine, thought the cadet, like he wanted to reassure himself. He hurried up a bit, thinking about the meeting.

After a moment, he entered in a turbo lift: “Computer, head to…” The cadet stopped his command. He then realized a simple fact. I… don’t know where the counselor’s office is… While he was searching for a solution, his thoughts were quickly interrupted by the voice of the computer: “Please select a destination.” Aaron tried: “Uhm…Computer? Do you know by any hazard where is the counselor’s office?
-Of course I know, cadet. Would you like me to take you to his deck?
-Yes, please.”
The doors closed, and the turbo lift began to move.

The turbo lift stopped, and Aaron stepped out of it, walking to the counselor’s office. He then stops in front of the door, adjusted his uniform, and entered the office.

Cadet Aaron Williams

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