Side Sim at Sickbay - Medical duty

Posted April 8, 2021, 5 a.m. by Cadet Aaron Williams (Doctor) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Cadet Carmen Luisa Parker-Cawlyns (Doctor) in Side Sim at Sickbay - Medical duty

Posted by Cadet Aaron Williams (Doctor) in Side Sim at Sickbay - Medical duty
(OCC: I’m making a new Side Sim (my first one)! So basically, I’ve created this side sim so that crew members can come for medical problems, like injury or disease. Feel free to join!)

IC: Aaron arrived at Sickbay early in the morning. Lights at Sickbay were shut off, only emergency LEDs were making a smooth light over the room. “Computer, lights on”, Aaron said. The lights turned on, briefly blinding the cadet. “Computer, 50% of light intensity” he muggles, covering his eyes with one of his arms. As the light decreases a bit, the man was walking toward a medical station, logging in to announce the beginning of his day.

Let’s see. I have my xenology overview to finish, thought Aaron. Gosh, I hate homework. I can’t wait to be an Ensign, so I can get rid of them. He then confirmed the beginning of his day and walked toward a desk. He sat, and begin his work.

Cadet Aaron Williams

Carmen was working the night shift and had been filling out paperwork in the office when she thought she felt another presence nearby. She got up to go check, mostly as an excuse to stretch her legs.
“Oh, hey, Aaron.” she said with a yawn. “What are you doing up so early? I don’t think I’m supposed to be relieved for another hour.”

-Cadet Parker-Cawlyns (Medical)

Aaron looks up to Carmen: “Oh, hey Carmen! Didn’t know you were on night shift.” He shows her the study he was doing, with a sigh: “I’m supposed to do this xenology report for my professor at Academy, about all the species that I encountered aboard the Challenger, and I was thinking about doing it at Sickbay.”
Crossing his arms, and looking at Carmen, he saw that she was a bit tired. “Since I’m awake, I should provide you a little help, don’t you think ?”, said Aaron with a smile

He then yawns a bit, feeling a bit tired. Guess I’ll take a tonic. He gets up from his chair and says to Carmen: “I’ll go grab a coffee. Do you want anything ?”

Cadet Aaron Williams

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