Counselor's office - Cadet Aaron Williams check-in

Posted April 11, 2021, 3:34 a.m. by Cadet Aaron Williams (Doctor) (Adrien Jouve)

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OCC: Thank you, Nathan, I hope I’ll be able to write some good stories with you!
As he enters the room, Aaron was quite surprised about the decoration, even if he heard some facts about counselor decorations. Well, that’s quite fancy, he thought. It changes me from Sickbay’s offices.

After the scene that the counselor offered to him, as she was searching for her PaDD, Aaron briefly disconnected his brain from the absurdity of the scene, which was a little funny to him. He then took back his attitude, trying to contain his laugh. In fact, he felt his little fear going away. I got to say she is really different from all the superior I could have met.

“Well thanks, Vanessa. I’m Aaron Williams, but I think you already know my name.” He sat on the sofa, and looked at the counselor: “If it doesn’t bother you, I will take a coffee, please.”

Cadet Aaron Williams

“Of course!” she replied, walking to the replicator. She returned, handing him his coffee and sat on the couch with a hot chocolate for herself.

“This is just a getting-to-know-you session,” she told him, then took a sip of the chocolate and hummed, a small smile gracing her features. “I want to get to know you so I can learn how best to help you during your stay here on the Challenger. So we’ll start easy - what do you like to do when you’re off duty?”

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS
While listening to the counselor, Aaron began t drink his coffee. He really liked it, maybe because it reminded him of his home, and about his years of studies. That’s some good coffee they got here !, thought a cadet with a little smile.

“What I do off duty ?” Aaron took a moment to think about it. “Well, I usually sleep a lot, but I don’t think that’s what you want.” He took another moment, looking at the bottom of his cup, watching at his reflection at the surface of his drink. I do like coffee, but it’s not a real hobby. Oh, I know! Looking back to the counselor, he began: “Well, I’ve recently begun to play that old instrument, a ‘Saxophone’. Do you know it ?”

Cadet Aaron Williams

She laughed brightly. “Well, let’s try to make sure you get enough sleep while you’re on board, and some time to play with the bevy of musicians in your class.” She shook her head, still laughing.

“Do you play with others, or just solo?” she asked before sipping her cocoa.

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS

The cadet finished his coffee and put it on the near table. “Well, right now, I’m still discovering the Challenger and his crew, so I haven’t met other musicians yet”, he said. “And so, I’m playing solo, in my room. But even if I found other musicians, I won’t be able to play with them. I still have some progress to make before playing in a quartet.”

Cadet Aaron Williams

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