Side Sim at Sickbay - Medical duty

Posted April 14, 2021, 3:59 p.m. by Cadet Aaron Williams (Doctor) (Adrien Jouve)

Posted by Cadet M’rahja Ko (Security Officer) in Side Sim at Sickbay - Medical duty

-Cadet Parker-Cawlyns (Medical)
Aaron looks up to Carmen: “Oh, hey Carmen! Didn’t know you were on night shift.” He shows her the study he was doing, with a sigh: “I’m supposed to do this xenology report for my professor at Academy, about all the species that I encountered aboard the Challenger, and I was thinking about doing it at Sickbay.”
Crossing his arms, and looking at Carmen, he saw that she was a bit tired. “Since I’m awake, I should provide you a little help, don’t you think ?”, said Aaron with a smile

He then yawns a bit, feeling a bit tired. Guess I’ll take a tonic. He gets up from his chair and says to Carmen: “I’ll go grab a coffee. Do you want anything ?”

Cadet Aaron Williams

The doors to sickbay slid open to reveal a very tired and worn-out M’rahja Ko. It was not the early hour that made her feel so tired. M’rahja was a morning person, and a night person, an any-time-of-day person. No, what made her so tired was that she spent the last five hours helping an Ensign chase a cat through the Jeffries Tubes. Late last night M’rahja encountered the distraught Ensign who explained her cat had escaped and was somewhere in the walls of the ship. They eventually cornered and captured the cat, but not before it left many vicious red marks on M’rahja’s arms and hands. Which brought the worn-out Cadet to sickbay.

Cadet Ko (Security)
Looking at the new arrival, Aaron knew his coffee will have to wait. And so the day begins, he thought. But let’s be honest, you were expecting people to come at sickbay, Aaron.

He approaches the Caitian, which has scratches all over her arm and hands. The young doctor immediately saw that she was quite exhausted, like she ran for hours, or chased something. Smiling at her, he tried a bit of humor: “Woah, did you fight against a lion? Or at least it was a tiger!”

Cadet Aaron Williams
M’rahja tossed her behind onto an exam table without prompting and sighed heavily, “I would have preferred either of those. No. It was a very, very sneaky house cat.” And why do people have cats for pets to begin with? Oh, M’rahja knows that humans have kept cats as pets for thousands of years. Didn’t make it any less strange! It was weird and M’rahja never understood the appeal, nor liked it when people teasingly referred to her as “kitty cat”. Why are they giving her pet names? It’s strange! And she’s so, so tired. Tired and sore and covered in a hundred cuts.

Cadet Ko (Security)

Aaron nodded at M’rahja: “I dealt with cats too. They can be pretty ferocious when they want.” He took some antiseptic in spray and began to search for the dermal regenerator and his medical tricorder. “By the way, I don’t think I’ve seen you before”, said the doctor, as he found his equipment. “The name’s Aaron Williams. What’s yours ?”

Cadet Aaron Williams

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