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With the mission neatly wrapped up, and the Challenger headed off to their next adventure, Alison finally had a moment to breath. There was still more data to analyze, but a large chunk of it was going to be left to the team back at HQ.

Making her way into the mess hall, she grabbed a sandwich from the replicator and a glass of sparkling water, before heading over to a nearby empty table.

Lt Barr - CSO

“Lieutenant,” the voice of Kyle Anders, the Challenger‘s Chief of Security, carried over across the din of the various crewmembers discussing the various successes of the past mission. Anders gestured to the seat opposite him and smiled warmly.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Miya’s shift pattern had changed: she wasn’t due on duty till later in the day, so she had time to visit the mess hall to get something to eat. Since her old friend Noah had confided that he’d been tinkering with the replicators, Miya had ‘encouraged’ him to return the spicier dishes (and her favourite hot sauce) to the more tongue-tingling recipes she preferred.

Tray in hand, she turned away from the replicators, looking around the busy mess hall. She hadn’t seen Noah in a while, but that wasn’t surprising; working in different departments and, no doubt, on different shifts would cause that to happen. Miya started to pick her way through the tables, looking for a seat.

[Cadet Ven Miya]

Kyle smiled warmly as the Cadet passed him, “You can join us here if you like Cadet.”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Outgoing Chief of Security-

Initially taken by surprise, Miya glanced down at the security chief, then grinned at his welcoming words. “Thank you for the invitation, sir - and ma’am,” she added, with a smile for the chief science officer too. “This place is busier than I’d expected!”

She slid her tray onto the table, then took her seat. She’d chosen chilli again for her meal - it was a surprisingly tasty dish, though not as spicy as hasperat - and her usual chilled water for a drink. Remembering the last time she’d seen Lieutenant Anders, she risked a joke. “I hope you haven’t encountered any more tribbles today, sir?” Her eyes danced as she recalled him appearing in sickbay with one nesting in his hair. It was just a shame it had died shortly afterwards.

[Cadet Ven Miya]

As he took his plate from the replicator, Aaron began to walk through the mess hall. The smell of his hot meal comes to his nose. Rice and chicken with mustard-cream sauce, he thought with a nostalgic smile. That’s the good old days.

Looking at a table, he saw Ven, talking with other people. I haven’t seen her since the Tribble incident. I’ll go say hello.
He approached the table, and sat next to her: “Hey Ven! Long time no see.”

He then saw that the other people at the table were non-other than Lieutenant Kyle and another lieutenant he hasn’t seen yet. The cadet took a most formal attitude: “Oh, Lieutenant. I didn’t see you, my apologies.”

Cadet Aaron Williams

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