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It was in the dead of night ship-time when a communication came into the Challenger. Whoever had bridge duty during the third shift would be notified by a person at Ops that an Admiral Striklin was hailing them.

GM Madness

Emmy popped up out of her chair, startled by the sound of a cadet informing her that an admiral was hailing the Challenger. She blew out a quick breath to steady herself before evenly resting her weight between her two feet and crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“On screen,” she instructed.

  • Davis, CO

On the viewscreen was displayed the upper torso of a man in an Admiral’s uniform. His skin was the color of dark chocolate and on his head was closely cropped black hair with a shock of white on either side. His facial features were on the smooth and round side but his eyes were sharp and focused. “Captain Davis.” Striklin greeted in a deep rumble. “We have need of your ship for what should be a straightforward mission. There’s a struggling human colony at Ferox Thirteen that needs to be relocated as soon as possible. After picking up the colonists we’ll have a destination figured out on where they’ll be going next.”

GM Madness

Emmy was silent for a moment as she processed the Admiral’s instructions. She had to agree that the Challenger was well-suited for the task, but the lack of intended destination was concerning and it would severely inhibit the formation of an evacuation plan with milestones and expected progress.

“How many refugees are expected? When can we expect you to know the destination, Admiral?” she enquired directly and then issued a curt signal by her pants leg to mute the call briefly.

“Set a course to Ferox Thirteen and engage.”

=/\= Davis to Sickbay. We are enroute to Ferox Thirteen to relocate struggling human colonists. Prepare to provide medical treatment as necessary. =/\=

=/\= Davis to Rodier and Stadi. We are enroute to Ferox Thirteen to relocate struggling human colonists. I will have an update on the total number shortly, but begin to prepare appropriate living spaces with adequate security. =/\=

=/\= Davis to Barr and Lofton. We are enroute to Ferox Thirteen to relocate struggling human colonists. See what you can find out about why they are struggling. =/\=

Her comm calls complete, Emmy nodded to have the communication with the Admiral resumed and gave it her full attention.

  • Davis, CO

Striklin shook his head at first. “I don’t have an estimate on when we’ll have a suitable location to drop them off. This… situation was very sudden as the colony waited until the last damn minute to call for Starfleet’s help. The Challenger is the closest and as you had finished your last assignment not all that long ago, this urgency falls to you. There are 385 colonists, down from the original 500 that settled there, so expect starvation and possible injury. They have expressed the desire to transport their deceased to whatever new place we’ll have figured out, so please accommodate them as you can. There is no remaining livestock or pets so that won’t be an issue but upon arrival there will be a need to leave them with supplies until the Federation can get a logistics ship to help them get self sustaining. I’d recommend getting started on putting together some pre-fab shelters while enroute so that they will have somewhere to live.” He let out a deep sigh. “This whole thing is a bit of a mess and I’m upset that the colony’s administrators waited until they had casualties before calling in. Get to them as quickly as you can and render whatever assistance they need.”

GM Madness

=^= Understooo....=^= Alison started, interrupted by a yawn, having been woken in the middle of her off shift. =^= Understood Captain. =^=

Lt Barr - CSO

Out of Character (OOC): Here are the Challenger’s specs if you’ve never taken a look! You’ll see in my post below that I incorporate information from them:

In Character (IC):

Emmy barely contained the annoyed sigh at the Admiral’s words. The Challenger was not a large ship and the number of evacuees would push them close to their maximum and involve putting people in places other than simply quarters, not to mention dealing with whatever issues had led to the emergency call. There was no time to return to a star base to swap the mission module for something more appropriate.

“Understood, Admiral.”

With that simple response, she signaled for the feed to be cut, taking her seat as the warp engines engaged to take them the colony.

=/\= Davis to Rodier and Stadi. Prepare for 385 colonists. Liaise with Sickbay to ensure that there’s a way to stablize and treat anyone injured or ill; there likely won’t be room in Sickbay for them. =/\=

Emmy turned to Holmman expectantly, assuming that her XO would have some opinion to interject at this point.

  • Davis, CO

“So we will have a ship crowded with colonists, and we don’t even know for how long?” Eric remarked. “Someone at Starfleet has really not thought this one through..”

Eric looked over at Davis. “We’ll want to lockdown all secure areas of the ship ahead of time, and have security assigned to all key locations and all entrances to secure decks.”

-Cmdr. Eric Holmman, XO

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