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Night shift. The lights in Sickbay were always dimmed at night, whether there were patients occupying the biobeds or not; it made the the space take on a different, more meditative aspect, Miya thought as she pushed a lock of hair behind her right ear, the better to focus on the article she was trying to read on her PADD. Her fingers lingered on her earring, symbol of her culture and her faith, and she whispered a prayer to the Prophets for support. She may be light years away from the Celestial Temple, but they were always with her.

I’m going to need their help with these exams! she mused, thoughts straying to the counsellor’s certification she was determined to pursue. Night shifts offered a chance to catch up on her studies - after she had completed her duties, of course - but there was still a lot of work to accomplish before she would feel ready to complete the assessments.

Miya was considering the option of a short break, with a chance to grab a raktajino for additional concentration, when the communicator chirped.

The sound of the communicator woke up Aaron, sitting in the chair next to Miya. His Padd falls out of his hands, and he took a better position. “Wha…What is it ?”, he mumbled.

=/\= Davis to Sickbay. We are enroute to Ferox Thirteen to relocate struggling human colonists. Prepare to provide medical treatment as necessary. =/\=

  • Davis, CO (crosspost)

Eyes widening, questions already beginning to tumble through her head, Miya tapped her communicator and replied.

=/\= Understood, Captain. So I can brief the Chief Medical Officer, do we have an ETA for the colonists’ arrival? Also, is there any information about their medical status, sir? =/\=

While she waited for the Captain’s reply, she saved the journal article she’d been reading and started to call up information about the medical stocks available aboard ship. The CMO would probably know all this anyway, but it never hurt to be prepared.

(OOC: given that we’re looking for a new CMO, should we still refer to Lieutenant T’Saie in this thread or keep things vague for now? I’ve done the latter till I know more!)

[Cadet Ven Miya]
“I hope we won’t have to use the EMH. I don’t like the way he treats patients”, Aaron said, as he stands up from his chair. Half-asleep, he crouched to take back his PaDD and put it back on the table. “And no more Tribbles.”, he adds. “That would be great.”

Cadet Aaron Williams

OOC: Great posts guys! Not sure what the CO wants to do about our CMO needs, but just wanted to give you a helpful tip. When doing a commbadge response, I’ve always found it helpful to cross-post the response to the thread it came from. Ideally we should all be reading all the threads here to make sure where we are needed and to also read everyone’s great work, but it helps the person you’re responding to see your post as well as gives them the chance to roleplay their reaction to it on their thread without clogging up this one. Just copy and paste the communication to the source thread and sign off as usual but add “(crosspost)” after so we all know that’s whats happened, like the Captain did to start this thread and I did below. Enjoying your posts!

=^= Stadi to Rodier and Sickbay, looking at our layout, I’m going to have my team start retrofitting Cargo Bay’s 1 and 2 since Sickbay is on the same deck, giving easier access to the injured, and we can use the Shuttlebay as a potential overflow station. That will hopefully keep all our guests on one deck and make it easier on all our teams, unless security has any concerns with that plan=^=

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE (cross-post)

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