Engineering - XO's visit

Posted May 7, 2021, 9:57 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) (Griffin Day)

Posted by Commander Eric Holmman (Executive Officer) in Engineering - XO’s visit

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi (Chief Engineer) in Engineering - XO’s visit

Posted by Commander Eric Holmman (Executive Officer) in Engineering - XO’s visit
Looking forward to a surprise inspection of Engineering, Eric quietly walked into the main engineering bay entrance on Deck Five. His usual grin on his face, the XO paused after walking in, seeing the various engineering crew members and cadets busy at their stations.

Rather than flagging the attention of anyone, Eric walked over to one of the warp core reactor readouts to check the reactor’s current status…

-Cmdr. Eric Holmman, XO

“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, look at your surroundings before leaving a Jefferies’ tube.” The voice of the Chief Engineer could be heard from around the corner of the Engineering deck. “I know you want to leave those cramped spaces as much as I do, but it’ll do no good to have two engineers sent to the infirmary because one of you felt a bit tight in the tube and popped out in someone’s way.” A muffled ‘yes sir’ could be heard before the Betazoid rounded the corner with his duty PADD and worked his left leg a bit as he walked, trying to stop a limp. Once the commotion had settled down his mind noticed a familiar but unexpected wave of thoughts on the deck, causing him to look up from his PADD.

“Commander! I wasn’t expecting to see you down here today, is everything alright, sir?”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

“Lieutenant,” Eric said, looking up from the display. “Everything is perfectly fine. Well, I hope it is. It looked like Engineering was due for an inspection. And what could be more fun than an inspection but a surprise inspection!”

Dael hoped that his internal cringe hadn’t shown on his face. He and the Commander had different attitudes towards fun. Not that he didn’t trust his team to have things up to standard, but Dael was not big on surprises. Surprises in his experience usually were bad. Like a plasma conduit venting in your face when you tried to fix an ODN relay next to it.

Eric smiled at his own terrible joke. “But why don’t you show me around, and while we’re at it I can make sure no cadets have fallen into places they shouldn’t have.”

-Cmdr. Eric Holmman, XO

Rings of Betazed I hope not. he thought, trying not to show off the slight pain in his leg from the earlier tube collision. “Of course sir, anything in particular you wanted to take a closer look at? I noticed you looking at the core. We’ve been working at doing an overhaul on the EPS systems connecting our cores. I’m hoping to see some decrease in the time it takes them to go from cold standby to hot when we need it.”

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

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