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The night was finally beginning to calm for Dael as he took a weary seat into his office with a hot cup of tea. A nice Andorian concerto played in the background softly, normally he would be in bed at this hour but an EPS line had burst that afternoon. The cadets on duty had never gone through that kind of repair before outside of a classroom environment, which meant coming in on his off time. And of course, as repairs typically do, he had found that wasn’t the only problem with the system in question. Hours later of hunting down bugs to prevent the line from bursting again, all while training the new cadets, he was going to enjoy this nice cup of tea. He raised the steaming liquid to his lips when his commbadge went off.

=/\= Davis to Rodier and Stadi. We are enroute to Ferox Thirteen to relocate struggling human colonists. I will have an update on the total number shortly, but begin to prepare appropriate living spaces with adequate security. =/\=

  • Davis, CO (crosspost)

The Betazoid gave a brief eye flick of annoyance before setting down his cup. Never a dull moment on a starship, that’s what everyone said. he thought, moving his hand to his badge before looking back at the mug of tea. He picked it back up and took a swig of the calming liquid, giving out a sigh before starting to activate his comm again. However the disturber of his peace went off again before he could.

=/\= Davis to Rodier and Stadi. Prepare for 385 colonists. Liaise with Sickbay to ensure that there’s a way to stablize and treat anyone injured or ill; there likely won’t be room in Sickbay for them. =/\=

  • Davis, CO (crosspost)

=^= Understood sir, we’ll get right on it.=^=

Dael gave a few quick commands into his desks access panel and pulled up the ship’s schematics.

“Computer, giving what we currently have in our Cargo Bays, will there be enough space to move the materials from Cargo Bays 1 and 2 into 3 and 4 to provide adequate spacing for 385 average sized humanoids in the first two Bays?”

Looking over the data, he made a few decisions before making his next calls.

=^= Stadi to Cadet Washburne, I need you in Engineering, we’ve got a project on our hands.=^= He then tapped his commbadge once more.

=^= Stadi to Rodier and Sickbay, looking at our layout, I’m going to have my team start retrofitting Cargo Bay’s 1 and 2 since Sickbay is on the same deck, giving easier access to the injured, and we can use the Shuttlebay as a potential overflow station. That will hopefully keep all our guests on one deck and make it easier on all our teams, unless security has any concerns with that plan=^=

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

=^= Rodier to Stadi and Sickbay, affirm. We’ll need some tight security in the Shuttlebay, but we can make it work. The mess is right there as well, if it’s needed. Heading down to Sickbay now. Rodier out. =^=

~ Lt. jr. gr. Henry Rodier - COS (crosspost)

=^= Sickbay to Stadi and Rodier - acknowledged. We’ll see you in a few minutes, Lieutenant Rodier.=^=

[Cadet Ven Miya] (crosspost)

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