Cadet Kleine - Check-In

Posted May 10, 2021, 5:57 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) (Gavin Burkhardt)

Posted by Cadet Jordy Kleine (Security Officer) in Cadet Kleine - Check-In

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) in Cadet Kleine - Check-In

OOC: do you mean with quotes this “”

because i think the best way how i can be a officer is by security i think That is the best out of all the departements for me to choose from

OOC: Yep! When your character is actually speaking, put it in quotes “”, like in a book!

“Okay then. Is there any particular part of security that interests you most? What’s your specialty?” Henry picked up his PADD, opened an empty screen, and began taking notes.

~ Lt. Jr. Gr. Henry Rodier - COS

“Protecting the people on the ship”

Cadet Jordy Kleine - Security

OOC: There we go! Nice one.

“Alrighty, ship-based defense, then.” He tapped his PADD a few times. “And what do you think you can contribute to this department, specifically? What makes you unique?”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Henry Rodier - COS

I can stay calm and focus on the most inportant thing at hand

Cadet Jordy Kleine

Henry nodded. “Okay then. Now, five years from now, where do you think you’ll be? Where do you want to be?”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Henry Rodier - COS

i always wanted to be captain or first officer so i hope That

Cadet Jordy Kleine
OOC: Part of this is just your own personal style, but I’d recommend going for more of a scene in your response. Instead of just a direct response to a question or something like that, kind of set up what Jordy’s doing, and try to write it almost like a letter, with punctuation, grammar, stuff like that. It helps to really set it up as more than a text chat.

“Ambitious goals.” Henry set the PADD back down and leaned forward towards the Cadet, hands clasped. “I do want to help you get there, Cadet. So tell me, what do you hope to learn during your stay on the Challenger? Is there anything specific you want to get better at?”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Henry Rodier - COS

Jordy thinks about the question and said.”I wanna learn how to be a good starfleet officer”.

OOC: Better!

Henry laughed. “Of course, Cadet. I’m sure you already are. But if there are any specifics you’d like to work on, my door’s always open. Now then, I’ve hit you with quite a few questions. Do you have any for me?”

~ Lt. jr. gr. Henry Rodier - COS

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