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“Understood, Admiral.”

With that simple response, she signaled for the feed to be cut, taking her seat as the warp engines engaged to take them the colony.

=/\= Davis to Rodier and Stadi. Prepare for 385 colonists. Liaise with Sickbay to ensure that there’s a way to stablize and treat anyone injured or ill; there likely won’t be room in Sickbay for them. =/\=

Emmy turned to Holmman expectantly, assuming that her XO would have some opinion to interject at this point.

  • Davis, CO

=^= Understood sir, we’ll get right on it.=^=

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE (cross-post)

“So we will have a ship crowded with colonists, and we don’t even know for how long?” Eric remarked. “Someone at Starfleet has really not thought this one through..”

Eric looked over at Davis. “We’ll want to lockdown all secure areas of the ship ahead of time, and have security assigned to all key locations and all entrances to secure decks.”

-Cmdr. Eric Holmman, XO

Emmy nodded in agreement, her train of thought similar to the XO’s about how packed the small ship would be with the addition of these colonists that had already somehow caused the rapid deterioration of their colony. The last thing she wanted was her ship to become their next casualty.

OOC: I’ll give a couple of days for a bit of in-transit development to progress.

GM Madness

There was a several second-long delay. =^= Lofton acknowledges, =^= came the next voice over the channel.

Lt. Cmdr. Lofton - CNS (crosspost)

A groggy voice was next up. =^= Rodier to Davis, acknowledged. =^=

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS (crosspost)

Sickbay’s response followed hard on Security’s heels.

=/\= Understood, Captain. So I can brief the Chief Medical Officer, do we have an ETA for the colonists’ arrival? Also, is there any information about their medical status, sir? =/\=

(OOC: thanks for the information about crossposting, Lt Stadi!) :D

[Cadet Ven Miya - crosspost]

=/\= One moment. =/\= came the terse response.

“Helm, how long until we arrive at the colony?” Emmy demanded, her green eyes fixating on the young cadet sitting there.

  • Davis, CO

The cadet took an extra moment to verify the information before turning and looking at the Captain. “Two days and thirteen hours at our present speed of warp factor five Captain.”

GM Madness

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