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“Yes! We certainly have.” Miya shook her head, setting her d’ja pagh earring jangling gently. “I’ll never look at shampoo in the same way again!” She darted a sideways glance at Aaron, chuckling as she added, “I hope that all the tribbles were found. Could you imagine opening a door one day and being half-buried by an avalanche of fur?”

As he watched his fellow cadets…former cadets, now…receive their promotions, Stan began to relax, and forgot about the uniqueness of the setting and the lack of formality of the attire many of them were wearing.

Then he heard the Captain call his name, and somehow that brought him back to fact that he was in a hot tub room in his swim trunks. Not exactly how I imagined it…

He sort of envied Cadet, no, Ensign Ko being in her regular uniform.

Well there was no time to change now. Nothing for Stan to do except follow orders.

He stepped towards the Captain.

Cadet Wisniewski, Scientist

Unaware of Aaron’s thoughts, Miya leaned closer to nudge him gently in the ribs as she nodded towards the cadet who was about to graduate. “Look! Isn’t he one of the science team? Oh, I wonder where they’ll all be posted after Challenger ....” She caught her breath, her expression changing briefly, then forced a smile. “Or maybe they’ll stay aboard, like you did, sir!” she added quietly, half-turning towards Lieutenant Rodier. It was always important to include people in conversations. Even when they were perched on the edge of a hot tub.

[Cadet Ven Miya]

Henry smiled faintly, not wanting to butt in on someone else’s conversation, nor interrupt what was undoubtedly one of the more important parts of these Cadets’ lives. Still, it was a bit jarring to hear himself referred to as “sir” so passively in conversation.

Emmy’s obliviousness regarding the science cadet’s attire was clear as she proceeded with the ceremony.

“Cadet, with the authorization of Starfleet Academy, it is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Ensign.” She punctuated her statement by extending the small box containing his Ensign pip. “Congratulations, Ensign, and good luck.”

“Cadet Issac Conroy, step forward.”

  • Davis, CO

“Congratulations!” Alison said stepping up next to Stan. “It’s definitely well deserved, and I’m glad that I had a chance to be a part of your training here on the Challenger.”

Lt Barr - CSO

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Rodier clapped heartily as Ensign Wisniewski was handed the box, refocusing on the ceremony at hand, however spur-of-the-moment it seemed.

~ Lt. Jr. Gr. Rodier - COS

M’arahja ducked her head at all the praise and congratulations but smiled and nodded at everyone in turn as she stepped aside to allow the next cadet to come forward for promotion. She cheered for all her fellow cadets and felt more at ease the longer the promotion ceremony went on. “Congratulations,” She said to each newly minted ensign. Maybe later all the new ensigns could have a little celebration of their own. A way to say goodbye to their academy days and welcome in the new chapter of their lives.

Ensign Ko (Security)

Stan smiled as he accepted the box containing his pip from the Captain. “Thank you, sir,” he said as he accepted

He nodded to acknowledge all the applause and congratulations and then looked around for Lt. Barr…and noticed that she was standing right next to him.

He smiled in response to her comments then said, “Thank you, Lieutenant! I learned a lot from working with you on the Challenger. It was a great experience! I only wish we could have solved the mystery of those ruins on the moon.”

As he awaited a response, Ensign Wisniewski’s mind couldn’t help but wander towards wondering what his next assignment would be, and what scientific mysteries he would encounter there…

Ensign Wisniewski, Scientist

“Oh there might still be a chance Ensign. Now that you’ve graduated, there is nothing saying that you can’t still study the data on your free time. And before you know it, maybe I’ll be reading one a paper you’ve authored in the science journal,” she said with a smile.

Lt Barr - CSO

The ceremony aspect of the event complete, Emmy neatly folded her robe on a chair beside the hot tub and climbed over the top to sink down into the bubbles again, only the top of her blond hair peeking out from it. She closed her eyes and savored the warmth that went into her bones, momentarily at peace.

  • Davis, CO

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