CoS Checkin - Cadet Zachary Hunt Reporting for Duty

Posted June 18, 2021, 11:10 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) (Gavin Burkhardt)

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Of any of his scheduled check-ins, this one Zachary would gladly admit made him the most nervous. He supposed that was anyone’s natural reaction to meeting their new superior though - always wanting to put your best foot forward with your command seemed like a reasonable thing to want to do - and to be mildly stressed about getting right. He had made sure to head towards the Chief of Security’s office with as much efficiency and time to spare as manageable; God forbid he did anything to show up late and start off with a reputation as a slacker or something.

It took him slightly more time than he would have liked to properly collect himself, before making his presence outside the door known. He could only hope he’d manage to put his best foot forward on this meeting, and not have it wind up in his mouth instead!

(OOC: Hey there! Sorry it’s taken me longer than anticipated to get my threads going and report in. IRL got sort of busier than expected so I wanted to get started once things had calmed a tiny bit. I look forward to threading with you using Zachary here! :) )

OOC: No worries at all! If you ever need to take a break from here on out, we do have a system for that. Talk to me on Discord about it if you ever have to, but for now, I’m excited to get to know Zachary! Great first post, I like the little background details. The only thing to note is to try to remember to sign off your posts with your character’s name, rank, and department. You’ll see my sign-off at the end of this post. Otherwise, keep it up :)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Henry Rodier sat at his desk, a PADD in front of him and a half-eaten blueberry muffin to his right. He turned his head, leaning slightly as he finalized his plan of attack. Then, with a swift movement of one hand, he grabbed the muffin, managing a full half of what remained in a single bite, crumbs scattering across the PADD.

Just as he was chewing an especially tough blueberry, Henry heard a sound at his door. At first, all he could get out was a muffled “Cmm hckk,” but within a moment he cleared his throat, choking down the pastry. “Enter” he called, standing to see who his visitor might be.

~ Lieutenant jr. gr. Henry Rodier - CoS

OOC: Bumping this up since the Main Sim might be in need of some security soon!

~ Gavin

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