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Aaron came back with his coffee, Miya’s, and one of the cadet’s drinks. He gives them their orders and begins to sip his coffee. The smell of the drink and the heat coursing through his hands makes him feel better.
“And that is how you begin a good day !”, he said, talking to Miya. “And…”

The cadet was suddenly interrupted by his combadge :
=/\= Davis to Sickbay, Stadi, and Rodier. We are receiving a garbled transmission that there are only 50 colonists remaining. We are attempting a transporter lock now and, if possible, we will beam them directly to Cargo Bay 1. We can’t differentiate the life signs, so secure the Cargo Bay, full lockdown, level 10 forcefields. No one in or out until the transport is successful and we can conduct thorough scans of the colonists. =/\=

  • Davis, CO (crosspost)

Miya’s jaw dropped as she listened. Only 50 colonists left! Prophets, that’s over 300 fewer than we were expecting! Her mind began to whirl with the potential implications of the news.

“Okay, maybe not that good.”, continue Aaron. Looking at Miya, he was a bit worried. A little spark of fear appeared in his eyes. He was fully awakened, and not thanks to the coffee. “… I hope it’s going to be fine. Maybe we should head to Cargo Bay 1, what do you think ?”

Cadet Aaron Williams

Miya’s brow furrowed and she met Aaron’s gaze with a concerned look of her own. “I agree with you, but let’s check with the CMO first. ” She tapped her commbadge.

=^= Venn to Lieutenant O’Connell. Following the Captain’s message, should we head to Cargo Bay One so we’re ready to help the colonists, sir? =^=

As she waited for a reply, she glanced across the room to check that the portable med-kits were sitting where they should be, ready to be used in any emergency. They were. Of course they were; the Sickbay team had been preparing for almost any eventuality since they’d been informed of their new mission. But Miya hadn’t contemplated that they could lose most of the colonists before they even arrived! She could feel her heartrate speed up and took a deliberately deep breath, accessing the calming techniques she’d been taught long ago. As she sighed the breath out, she thought that Aaron was still looking worried, so she tried a bit of humour to leaven the situation.

“Isn’t this typical? Just as we get our drinks, everything starts to happen!” She blew on her raktajino, trying to cool it enough to take a few gulps before Lt O’Connell issued her orders. Not that she needed extra alertness any more: her sympathetic nervous system had seen to that.

(OOC: I know Calé isn’t well at the moment, so could the kindly GM please send Aaron and Miya to the cargo bay? Also, Aaron wants me to say that your hairstyle is … chef’s kiss perfection!)

[Cadet Ven Miya]

Ari’s voice responded =^= O’Connell here. Good plan Doctor, I’ll meet you there. Have NE Stephens man sickbay for now and stand by for further instruction.=^=

Lt O’Connell

Miya tapped her commbadge to reply. =^= Understood, sir. We’ll see you there. Ven out. =^=

Putting down her raktajino with a silent sigh at losing the rest of the drink, she glanced over to Aaron and nodded towards the stash of medkits awaiting use. “Looks like we’d better grab some of these and get to Cargo Bay One. Can you bring one for Lieutenant O’Connell, please? It’s just in case she doesn’t have a medkit with her. I’ll go tell NE Stephens they’re in charge.”

Having informed the NE to stand by for further instructions, as Lt O’Connell had ordered, Miya rejoined her friend and slung a medkit over her shoulder. Although her mind was buzzing with what might have happened to the colonists, she was trying to stay as calm as possible. Prophets, whatever happens, please let me do some good. And don’t let me mess things up!

To Aaron, however, she tried to project confidence. “Shall we go, then?”

(OOC: sorry for the delay replying; it’s been a hectic few days.)

[Cadet Ven Miya, doctor]

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