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Ari smiled as she turned to regard the voice she heard. “Oh, Doctor O’Connell, I was just admiring the sickbay and the staff at work. It’s been a few years since I’ve been on a training ship.”

“Welcome aboard, then, Doctor O’Connell.” Whether the title was a medical honour or a scientific one, Dr O’Connell was clearly more experienced, as well as being a ranking officer. Miya gave the newcomer a respectful nod.

She offered a hand. “ oh I of course have clearance to be here I didn’t just wander in or anything!” She added “I’m the new Chief Medical Officer.”

Lt O’Connell

“Oh!” The exclamation slipped out before she could censor it. Miya’s cheeks burned with embarrassment as she realised that the woman was Lieutenant T’Saie’s replacement. Hastily, she clasped the outstretched hand and tried to sound more professional.

“I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you, Lieutenant. I didn’t know our new CMO was due today.” To herself, Miya thought, Prophets, I hope she’s happy with what she’s seen so far! I think Sickbay is in good order, but I wish we’d known she was coming so we could have made sure everything was perfect!

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[Cadet Ven Miya]

Ari laughed. “No please it’s me who should apologise for just springing myself on you so suddenly, but I find it helps me get a feel for the department.” She looked around again. “Have you been on board long?”

Lt O’Connell

“I’ve been aboard for a few weeks now - it’s honestly hard to remember exactly how long, there’s always a lot going on. Long enough to learn more than I ever thought possible in such a short space of time - and that includes med school and Starfleet Academy!” Miya grinned in return, appreciating her new CMO’s easy manner. Though Lt T’Saie had been an excellent officer and nurse and Miya had learned a great deal under her tutelage, the lieutenant’s Vulcan heritage had made it challenging at times to establish a personal rapport.

“So what d’you want to do, sir? I can give you a more formal tour of Sickbay - your office is over there - or I can answer any questions you may have. If I can’t answer them, one of our Ensigns should be able to fill you in.” There was something niggling at the back of Miya’s mind … something else she should offer to do .... if only she could remember what it was ......

“And, of course, I can do your medical evaluation, if you have time just now,” the Bajoran offered, trying to sound as if she’d meant the slight delay to occur.

[Cadet Ven Miya, doctor]

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