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=/\= Davis to Sickbay, Stadi, and Rodier. We are receiving a garbled transmission that there are only 50 colonists remaining. We are attempting a transporter lock now and, if possible, we will beam them directly to Cargo Bay 1. We can’t differentiate the life signs, so secure the Cargo Bay, full lockdown, level 10 forcefields. No one in or out until the transport is successful and we can conduct thorough scans of the colonists. =/\= (crosspost from Bridge, originally posted by Cap. Davis)

Already moving towards the Turbolift due to the Red Alert issued moments earlier, Rodier responded immediately. =^= Rodier to Davis, copy. =^= Upon reaching the turbolift, Henry instructed it to move to Deck 6.

Cargo Bay 1 was already a bit of a mess from all of the preparations of the previous couple of days. Workers could still be seen here and there, though it was mostly devoid of personnel. After a moment’s contemplation, Henry stepped into the doorway, yelled, “Everybody out! We’re locking it down!” and watched carefully as the Cadets and Ensigns started moving toward the exit.

OOC: if the GM or Captain have anything in particular to add/subtract with regard to the Cargo Bay’s condition, please go right ahead. I just wanted to get the thread going :)

~ Lt. jr. gr. Henry Rodier - COS

The turbolift doors opened onto a steady stream of Starfleet personnel heading away from Cargo Bay One. Miya waited till the crowd started to thin, then stepped out of the turbolift to look for the highest-ranking officer so she could report Sickbay’s arrival. Under different circumstances, she’d have been rather happy to see Lieutenant Rodier - her memories of his appearance at that hot tub graduation ceremony were still vivid - but with the present emergency under way, she was focused on the moment.

Aaron was following Miya. As they both stepped out of the turbolift, he looked around the cargo bay. People were heading out of the cargo bay. Most of them were ensign or cadet, just like him, and for some of them, he could feel the same anxiety he has.

“Lieutenant Rodier? Sickbay reporting in - Lieutenant O’Connell is on her way too; she’s going to meet us here. Is there anything you want us to do for now?”

[Cadet Ven Miya, doctor]

Putting one of his medkits on a near crate, Aaron was half-listening to Miya’s and Lieutenant Rodier’s conversation, while trying to remember all medical protocols he learns.

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