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Tom managed to get into this strange community. From his previous experience, he could have joined other department. But he was fine with the third option. This was a fate from his family tradition.

“Cadet Tom Little reporting as ordered. ” He was at the door of the Department Head’s office and standing in attention, waiting for the response from inside. His sea bag on his right hand was filled with documents and very little personal belongings, zipped bagged. As told from the recruiter, simple packing should ease from the day one.

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Alison looked up from the contraption she was working on, that was sprawled across the workbench on one side of her office.

“Yes, yes, yes. Now let me see your hands Cadet,” she gesturing him over to besides her.

Lt Barr - CSO

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IC: “?…Hands?” His mind puzzled for one second. “…Aye ma’am.” He walked to the Chief Science Officer with a poker face, at least he tried. he put down his bag and showed his hands. But he couldn’t stop thinking about her intention. The last time he showed his hands was for palm reading. There was a machine in the middle of the street when he was in a field trip. And the result was you know…half true. He was sure he clipped his finger nails properly. But…?

Cadet Little

Alison gripped his hands and took a quick look. “Yes, you will do,” she said letting them go.

Reaching back into the contraption in front of them, she held aside a bundle of cables. “See that gray screw next to the flashing green and blue light? Grab the screwdriver. Turn it 30 degrees clockwise, wait for the light to flash green 3 times, and then counterclockwise 15 degrees. As you are doing that, I have to turn this screw over here…” she said picking up her own screwdriver.

“Well? You ready?” Alison said looking up as she lined up her screwdriver ready to make the adjustment.

Lt Barr - CSO

“Aye ma’am.” Tom pulled his hands back and grabbed the gray screw driver next to the green and blue lights, a workbench.

“As instructed, this cadet will turn the screwdriver 30 degrees clockwise and wait for the flashing green light 3 times. After 3, he will turn the screwdriver to 15 degrees counterclockwise. Ready ma’am…” He read it back with a confidence, however he wasn’t sure the accuracy measurement. He wasn’t sure if the screwdriver had some kind of a bezel attached, like the one in the compass.

“An inquiry ma’am, how to turn the degrees?” He thought it was better to ask than sorry later. The experience told him that pretending to know everything would costs greatly later.

Cadet Little

Alison chuckled. “Relax Cadet, you are almost out of the Academy and in the fleet now. We aren’t so formal up here, don’t have time for all of that. As for how far to turn it, well consider this a test of your approximation and dexterity skills,” she said with a grin.

“Now on three. One… two… three…” Alison counted down before starting to make her own adjustments.

Lt Barr - CSO

“Understood, Ma’am.” Tom mentally tried switching to “casual mode.” It’s hard for him not to react in a formal way, especially when talking with a ranking officer. As the Lt counted to three, he turned the screwdriver to 30 degree right approximately, then the lights flashed. On 3, he turned 15 degree left with an assumption.

Cadet Little

As both of them hit their marks, there was a click and a whirl as the machine came to life.

“I think that’s it!” Alison exclaimed as she closed the top, and set the screw driver down. After a moment a gum ball dropped through a series of tubes that could now be seen with the device now sealed up, before dropping out at the bottom.

Picking it up she popped it into her mouth. “Gum ball?”

Lt Barr - CSO

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