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“I’m trying to see if I can clean up the sensor feed,” Alison said as she tried cleaning up the interference they were seeing.

Lt Barr - CSO

At the garbled message, Emmy sprung into action as she neatly slapped the comm badge affixed to her picture-perfect uniform.

=/\= Davis to Sickbay, Stadi, and Rodier. We are receiving a garbled transmission that there are only 50 colonists remaining. We are attempting a transporter lock now and, if possible, we will beam them directly to Cargo Bay 1. We can’t differentiate the life signs, so secure the Cargo Bay, full lockdown, level 10 forcefields. No one in or out until the transport is successful and we can conduct thorough scans of the colonists. =/\=

Turning to the CSO, she briskly enquired, “is a transporter lock possible? I need Lieutenant Stadi on securing the Cargo Bay, so you will have to see what you can do.” The explanation, she felt, was wholly unnecessary, but she was beginning to find that they seemed to make the others feel more at ease when requested to do something that was not entirely in their regular job performance.

  • Davis, CO
    =^= Rodier to Davis, copy. =^=

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS (crosspost from Cargo Bay)

“If I can clean up the interference on the sensors, we could probably get a much better transporter lock. Right now though,” Alison paused. “I’d say 50/50 chance of getting a clean lock vs scooping up whatever bio signs we are picking up around the colonists coordinates…”

As Alison trailed off, she was trying to refocus the sensors to get a better read on the colonists, hopefully to get a clean transport of them out of there.

Lt Barr - CSO

Emmy felt the slight tingle of her foot impacting the deck of the Bridge in a repetitious fashion and made a conscious effort to stop tapping her foot as she waited for the results of the CSO’s work. Removing the risk of a shuttle-based away mission would certainly be the preferable path, even if it meant potentially transporting some of the planet’s wildlife into the cargo bay, given that the force fields would prevent any kind of contamination of the greater ship.

  • Davis, CO

OOC: I’m greatly amused at the conjectures flying around. Keep them coming and prepare for the inevitable twist. :P

As the location where the communication came from was on the outer edges of the field of interference, the CSO was successful in distinguishing individual bio signs. What they were specifically was still impossible to determine, but transport was now possible. Though as Alison said they were likely to beam up more than just the colonists.

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