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She turned to the CSO. “Can we get a transporter lock on the injured colonists?” she questioned. In order to get them immediate medical care, particularly as deep care as they would need, it would be expeditious to simply transport them to Sickbay.

=/\= Bridge to O’Connell. We are attempting to get a lock on the colonists’ life signs to prepare them to transport directly to Sickbay. We will transport you and the other medical providers at the same time. =/\=

  • Davis, CO

“We should be able to get a better sensor lock then on the surface of the planet Captain,” Alison said as she attempted to get a lock on the colonists. Hopefully the Challenger’s sensors would be able to separate them from the other entities they transported up.

Lt Barr - CSO

While there was a much better sensor reading of the colonists in the cargo bay, this excluded the ones in close proximity of the creatures. It appeared as if the creatures themselves were the source of the sensor disruption. The five colonists within close proximity to the creatures could not be locked onto individually for transport and raising a forcefield to separate the last one alive from the creatures wasn’t possible.

GM Madness

=^= O’Connell to Bridge. Transport seems to have failed the creatures attacking seem to be giving off some sort of interference. I would recommend we try to erect a force field around the survivors and enter to stun the attacking ones quickly then attempt to contain them and save the survivor.=^=

Crossposting from cargo bay

Emmy was still facing the CSO when the update from the CMO came across to the Bridge. She caught her lip between her teeth again, just for a few seconds, to let the thoughts swirling chaotically in her brain to snap into clarity.

“Establish an open communication link with the crew members near and in the Cargo Bay,” she ordered, tired of the communication calls and conversation that were likely going on and not necessarily relayed.

Now that she didn’t need to address the members of the crew who were present, she issued general instructions:

=/\= Prioritize separating the attacking creatures from the colonists and then neutralize the attackers. Transport each colonist and their attending medical personnel directly to Sickbay on their call. =/\=

  • Davis, CO

“I’m sorry Captain,” Alison said looking up from her console. “With enough time I could probably break through interference. But we just don’t have the time…”

The viewscreen showed the group of colonists safely encased in a forcefield with one of the creatures running smack into it then clawing at it in rage. The security team of five moved in as the COS hit the creature attacking the lone survivor with two heavy stun shots. The creature did not go down but instead its ire was redirected away from the colonist. The other four creatures left their meals to rush towards security team with the angry one at the lead.

GM Madness

“If they would just back up a bit more, we could get a forcefield up between them…” Alison trailed off as she raised poised her hand about the forcefield controls.

Lt Barr - CSO

Emmy studied the scene in front of her, letting out a small sigh of relief when the colonists were safely separated from the rampaging creatures. Her security personnel were trained and ready to handle that situation; colonists were not. “Can we get a lock on the colonists now that they’ve been separated from the creatures?” she enquired. “If so, beam them directly to Sickbay.”

  • Davis, CO

“Aye Captain,” Alison said. Spinning back to her chair she started locking onto the colonists that she could.

=^= Barr to Cargo Bay. We are going to emergency transport any separated colonists to Sickbay. Standby for transport. =^=

Giving a moment for any objections, Alison started transporting the colonists.

Lt Barr - CSO

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