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As soon as he heard the clear command from the Security Chief, Dael activated the force field protocols he had been setting up. With a quick punch of a key the blue shimmering field should drop and allow anyone from security, medical or the senior staff such as himself into the room. He moved out of the way of the security team from the doorway of the bay while still manning his console.
He overheard the doctor’s comments, and cursing under his breath. “On it.” he said as he started to focus on separating colonists that were already clear of the creatures into a forcefield barrier. Luckily this was one of the better parts of the ship to setup forcefields, part of the reasoning he had for using the Cargo Bay. Any number of volatile chemicals or materials could be stored at times in a ship’s cargo bay, and that meant containment barriers were already the norm here rather than the engineer having to submit too many new parameters to the computer. “Working on getting the rest of the colonists safe, but the ones being attacked are going to be Security’s problem.” he said while inputting several commands into the logic control of the system. A few diversions of the field emitters here, some redirect of energy there… with a final notation he pressed the input key on the console and risked a look at the chaos inside to make sure that it had worked.

-Lt. jg Dael Stadi, CE

Forcefields came to life around the group of colonists and just in the nick of time as the creature, in pursuit of the colonist who got away, crashed headfirst into the forcefield. It howled in rage after climbing up from the ground and began to frantically claw at the field.

=/\= Prioritize separating the attacking creatures from the colonists and then neutralize the attackers. Transport each colonist and their attending medical personnel directly to Sickbay on their call. =/\=

  • Davis, CO (crosspost)
    Aaron pressed the “BIO” Device Input button and launch an image recording along with the scan for more precise information. He then connects the tricorder to the Challenger’s database. Let’s see if we already know this creature., he thought.
    He then launched the scan, attempting to identify the creatures, and if necessary their biological function

Cadet Aaron Williams

OOC: I’m not quite sure what you mean, but I’m thinking you’re doing a tricorder scan right and interfacing it with the ship’s databank?

The image referenced against the known species database returned a low possibility of an assimilated human Borg. A genome comparison returned a higher chance of the creatures being human but the genetic drift pointed to a high amount of mutation.

The moment Lieutenant Stadi allowed it, Henry lowered his left hand into a two-fingered point and started moving swiftly into the cargo bay, his team behind him. He immediately fired two shots on heavy stun at the midsection of the creature closest to the injured colonist, and the four other Security officers, all armed with Type II phasers, fanned out to either side of him. Any other Security cadets entering the room would do the same.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Henry Rodier - COS

The targeted creature staggered backward off of it’s intended prey but did not go down. Instead it looked up and issued a throaty growl before it began bounding towards Rodier. The heavy stun hits only seemed to serve to piss it off. Except for the one still clawing at the forcefield in impotent fury, the other four creatures left the bodies they were consuming and charged at the remaining security officers.

GM Madness

“Kill level!” Henry ordered at a near-shout. Setting his own weapon to power level 11, he shot twice, once each at each of the approaching creature’s legs. The four security officers beside him all brought their weapons up to level 10, shooting to kill, each firing multiple times in the direction of the four other creatures. Meanwhile, Rodier moved slightly to the side, edging toward the forcefield protecting the colonists. Though he did not turn to see, one more security cadet was approaching the Cargo Bay entrance behind him.

~ Lt. jr. gr. Rodier - COS

=^= Barr to Cargo Bay. We are going to emergency transport any separated colonists to Sickbay. Standby for transport. =^=

Lt Barr - CSO (cross post)

OOC: That’s what I get for starting my post last night and not finishing it. I’ll fix the split here and incorporate the new information.

The two shots at the legs of the creature charging at Rodier had a much better effect. The creature collapsed to the ground as its legs were damaged. The rest of the security team had similar results as the rest were disabled and writhed on the ground. This situation only lasted for a few seconds however before each of the injured creatures began to glow red. Their body mass seemed to decrease by a noticeable amount before the red glow disappeared and they climbed back to their feet. With a roar of sheer ferocity the creatures charged once again.

While all of that was going on the colonists in the forcefield disappeared with a hum of the transporters. Unfortunately the last survivor outside of the forcefield did not get transported. With the target of its rage gone, the creature that was clawing at the forcefield turned away and noticed the last survivor. It growled menacingly as it began to stalk toward the feeble prey.

GM Madness

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